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What might the future hold for the world of technology?

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Over recent years it has become more apparent than ever that brands across the globe are doing all they can to incorporate the best technological advances into their products, in order to meet the future demands of consumers. In today’s world, we don’t think twice about using devices which can make going about our everyday lives much easier. Take video assisted doorbells as an example. Through the power of technology you can stream live footage from your doorbell to your mobile phone when you’re not at home, whilst talking to delivery drivers or visitors who may be at your front door.

We take for granted the technology we have at our disposal and it would be interesting to know what the future would look like in terms of new devices and inventions. With technology constantly improving and brands looking at how they can use these advances to appeal to a future consumer market; we thought we’d share some potential products of the future with you.

A colour changing lipstick

It’s hard to imagine how technology could change the way lipsticks are manufactured, but branding agency 1HQ, believes a colour changing lipstick is a possible product which we may become familiar with. The product would use piezoelectric ‘Drop On Demand’ technology, which allows the different colours to travel through tiny nozzles and proximity sensors which in turn, will allow for bespoke colours to be applied to the users lips. The built-in technology means that the user will be able to produce colours which compliment their skin tone and chosen outfit.

Robotic guide dogs

There’s no denying that guide dogs are classed as everyday heroes and can make the lives of visually impared people much easier. Although guide dogs are extremely beneficial, not all people with sight problems are able to house a dog and because of this, a student from Loughborough University has created an alternative option. The ‘robotic guide dog’ is a portable and compact device which uses real-time data to take its user on the safest and quickest route to their desired destination.

Energy storing bricks

We’re all being encouraged to be aware of the environment around us and how we can do our bit to reduce the amount of carbon emissions we produce each day. This has led to a concept being created by researchers at Washington University which allows for bricks to store energy, similar to that of a battery. This concept is still in the research stages but if it was to be successful, it could save future homeowners across the world a substantial amount of money, as well as reducing their carbon footprints.

We’ve outlined three potential products of the future, but what do you think of them and could you see them being successful? Share your thoughts in the comments section below and join in the conversation on social, using #ProductPredictions.

Infographic created by Vitality Chicago – agile training certification

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