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LinkedIn Networking Tips For 2021: How YOU Can Maximize Your Social Outreach

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Developing an expansive professional network is foundational to long-term success. Whether we are discussing corporate positioning or simply branching out into a new field, individuals are increasingly turning to networks such as LinkedIn to create their networking opportunities.

With more than 740 million users subscribed to LinkedIn, there is opportunity brimming at every corner. Let’s take a look at how burgeoning entrepreneurs can use LinkedIn to create a network that works for them while enriching their future prospects.

Build a Better LinkedIn Network Today

Navigating through LinkedIn for the first time can get confusing, to say the least. With hundreds of millions of active users and a variety of fields to modify, it can be a little overwhelming. Fortunately, there are a few key areas that we can work within to help inspire a better following of networking professionals.

1) Develop Your Profile

You are in charge of how your business is presented to the world. Develop your profile into a force for networking by focusing on sharing your story, imbuing it with your personality, and making it readable every step of the way.

Consider your elevator pitch and how you would deliver it, and then proceed from there. In case you are not sure what makes a profile strong, you can watch a few online tutorials. Alternatively, you can also attend a full-fledged social selling course on LinkedIn, so that you can build a life-changing relationship with your followers.

To offer a brief idea, an elevator pitch is a short and concise summary of your goals, abilities, and work history. Do your best to make it snack-sized and consumable! Test your elevator pitch on friends and family that you can trust to give unbiased feedback as you workshop your pitch to perfection.

2) Share Your Endorsements

Now is the time to be charitable with endorsements. Endorsements work as a verification system for the talents of an individual on the platform. Prioritize contacts that you have a personal history with and expound on where they’ve done a great job. In doing so, you can often inspire others within your network to return the favor.

Endorsements show our skills while also creating a way to interact with other professionals. When networking is the key, endorsements are often important to unlock and engage with.

3) Create a Content Stream

More than just a hub to park your profile, LinkedIn is a great place to generate continued interest by creating a steady content stream. We can take a look at this company’s LinkedIn page to get an idea where to go with our content. For major pharmaceutical companies, sharing trending research always makes a ton of sense, especially if it is relevant and optimistic about your industry.

Content streams can come in a variety of types and styles. From images and videos to long-form text content, find the method that best works with your industry and go from there. Integrating personal stories and experiences can help to prop up your content while simultaneously endearing yourself to your audience.

Building a network online is all about long-term focus and passion. Simply setting up a LinkedIn profile just to leave it alone won’t help you build your brand, network, and any forward momentum. Consider utilizing social media management to help navigate these important waters should they not appeal to you directly!

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