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Thanks to the sheer power of the World Wide Web, starting a business in this day and age can be as easy as setting up CMS website such as one built with a WordPress template. Here at Incentria however, we seek to shine the spotlight on everything between the two extremes of a mere WordPress business website and something like the intricacies of the extensive reach a multi-national conglomerate indicatively possesses.

A growing repository of the world’s business knowledge

For longest time the most valuable of the world’s knowledge has been the preserve of those who have a little bit more money to spend than the average person, which defeats the purpose of the publication of business knowledge in particular. If you can access that knowledge which can liberate you economically and in so doing contribute positively to your community, what good does it do to set high barriers to entry, thereby preventing you from accessing that very information?

We aim to change that here at Incentria, via the provision of what is essentially a growing platform of the world’s business knowledge.

A focus on contemporary trends

The biggest business lessons to learn can only really be effectively delivered via content matter which people can relate to. That’s why when we speak about topics such as blockchain technology, we’d be using contemporary trends to demonstrate the underlying BusinessTech (or FinTech).

We speak the language of business by discussing contemporary trends as live examples which can be made easy reference to.

Referencing past trends

As much as we endeavour to make the content matter shared here all the more interesting by referencing the most current of business world events possible, sometimes it’s imperative to reference past trends as well. This is how solid context is built up. For instance, if we’re to expand on our example of cryptocurrencies, it will only do the discussion good to reference the origins of the underlying technology so that there is some relatable and understandable context.

The all-important business lesson to be learned

Every single breaking story or trending business news piece we cover is done with the main intention of shining a light on an underlying business lesson to be learned. We’re all about growing the repository here. It won’t help us a single bit if we merely jump on the rolling bandwagon of the day and simply cover business news events that add no value to anyone’s life. If there’s some kind of disastrous event that befell a certain company, what can we all learn from it? What business lessons does that disastrous event have to teach us?

A solutions-based outcome

Finally, we’re all about the practical solutions here, so expect to follow some links to some resources that have been identified to either help in delivering the business lesson of the content featured, or resources that will outright help you n the implementation of the lessons learned in the featured business news piece.

That’s what it means to do business with Incentria.

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