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About Incentria

Welcome to my site, Incentria.

I feed off your visits, so I’m glad you came.

Incentria started out as a personal blog about my own, educated business viewpoint, but has since grown into a preferred platform amongst many aspirant businesspersons and entrepreneurs for some informative and educational global business news.

A little about the person behind the platform

I’m Jamie Caan – yes, that’s my real name, written on my national ID, my passport and officially listed as part of the directorship of a few businesses I’ve started, co-founded and operated over the years. Although I must confess that I wasn’t born Jamie Caan…

I don’t feel the need to share my birth name, well because I’ve since officially had it changed. I don’t mean to come across as someone who seeks any sympathy, but my “about me” story does indeed start out rather sadly. I grew up an orphan since I was an infant, with the official word being that my parents both passed away in a car accident which I miraculously survived, so as I grew older I was made wise to the possibility of effectively rewriting that sad genesis and so I proceeded to have my name officially changed, as soon as I had the legal authority to do so.

Why Jamie Caan?

That’s very simple – I’m a huge fan of the show “Drangon’s Den” and as you’ll know, once upon a time there was a very charismatic businessman by the name of James Caan who featured on the show, but my idolisation of what I call the business-gentleman goes way back to before he was made famous by his appearance on the television show. I knew about James Caan since way back when – when I was around 16 and had to get the endorsement of a legal guardian to officially have my name changed.

So James Caan has a similar story in the sense that that’s not his birth name, but a business name which he chose for himself, so for one James Caan that there is in the world, there is a Jamie Caan too!

I love the man’s business style and the way he carries himself in his personal life, testimony to which is what his daughters say about him. He has those little one-liners that although poke fun at whomever they’re aimed, usually come with some kind of business or life lesson.

That’s what this blog is all about – business news with a focus on the underlying lesson(s) to be learned.

So every time you pop over for your latest dose of global business news, keep in mind that there is some kind of business lesson to come away with, with the content edited by someone who reinvented himself and immersed himself into entrepreneurship before later going a little bit down the formal path of attending business school and completing an MBA – YOURS TRULY!

Thanks to the World Wide Web, the entire world is our market and we have a lot to explore and learn together.

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