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Since we’re all about equipping readers with some business skills that they can go out into the big and world with and use to their advantage (and for the greater good of their communities), our approach to writer contributions here at Incentria is a little bit different to anything you might be used to. We definitely welcome pitches for guest posts as well as sponsored posts, but please get in touch with me first before you proceed to send any completed submissions.

That’s not the differentiating factor though. What differentiates us is the fact that our opening up of this platform for contributors also doubles-up as yet another business lesson for those who seek to carve out a career as writers. This is essentially a blueprint for making sure you never waste another letter or another second of your time pitching content that may or may not be accepted for publication. So here’s the ultimate blueprint to guest posting:

Your own established writer’s bio

If you can go all the way and do so, create your own blog. If you want to establish yourself as a writer, writing for the web has to be a niche in which you seek to establish yourself as an authority. It’s perfectly fine to have your writer’s bio hosted by some other online writing platforms though, like if you’re a contributor to EzineArticles then you can use that as your writer’s bio.

The important thing is that if you contribute some content, whether to this platform or any other platform, you can be identified and credited as the author (if that’s part of the agreement) and your authority can be ratified via a simple link to an established online presence.

Topic and theme relevant content

Make sure to stick to the main theme with the topics you choose to write about or the topics you pitch before you even start typing the very first word. Incentria’s focus on global business news is thankfully quite a broad topic, so there’ll never be a shortage of content to explore, particularly since we like to focus on current affairs and the business lessons they have to teach.

Related Topic Examples:

1. Business Finances
2. Business News
3. Forex Trading
4. Investments
5. Business Technology
6. Travel
7. Public Speaking
8. Employees and Recruitment
9. Security
10. Current Events/News

Real world solutions

A simple link to an existing, real-world solution is often what makes any post worth reading, which is why many of the posts you’ll see here make reference to one or more real world examples. We’re non-discriminant when referencing real-world solutions – they just have to be tangible and indicatively effective solutions.

Rejection is a synonym for recycling

We don’t publish any outright guidelines for guest posts here because we don’t really want to encourage too much of a focus on guest posting. What we do is link to real-world solutions in the business lessons we seek to deliver via the content we publish, so we encourage any aspirant writers who ever go on to get their submission ideas rejected to go ahead and publish the content they would have written on their own platforms. That’s how you grow your own portfolio as a writer and you can monetise that content via the likes of affiliate referral links, etc.


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