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Successful Ways to Use Social Media for School Events

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The school year is full of fun activities-graduation, concerts, end-of-the-year celebrations. When hosting a school event, there is no better way to promote it than on social media. Since it is a popular platform, you can use it to engage students, keep parents informed about new updates, and interact with your school community.

Here are some top tips to increase the attendance rate at your upcoming event on social media:

  • Use a hashtag for your event – Like marketing managers, using an event hashtag helps you widen your target audience reach when promoting your school event. A hashtag is an essential tool for categorizing your promotion or content for your target audience, as well as helps people find your school event promotion. Additionally, promoting your hashtag can strategically create a buzz about your event and get more students interested.
  • Use your hashtag to promote school events in different social media channels – Make sure to promote your hashtags well in advance of the event date on all your social media accounts-Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. Include it on your event marketing materials. You can also update and promote it in your Bio (About) section of your blog or include it in your email signature.
  • Plan your strategy on social media – With the help of the top SEO agency in Canada, you can find out what social media channels students are most active and focused. Be sure you have a strategy for each social media platform:

Image Credit: Joseph Mucira | Pixabay

  • Facebook – Create an event page in your school’s Facebook account and share the event updates with your community of followers. You can also use Facebook advertising to target your message to specific audiences.
  • Instagram – Do not forget to add it to your Facebook ads since students are most engaged in this image-based social media platform. If you’re also thinking about increasing your Instagram engagement to entice potential new students to your school, you may even want to try to grow instagram followers in various ways . After all, children of today might pay more attention to an account with a larger following.
  • Twitter – Using your hashtag and posting regular updates about your upcoming school event is an effective way to build excitement before or during the event.
  • YouTube – Making a YouTube channel and uploading various videos of the pupils, teachers, classes, lessons, and various events that have taken place can be a great resource that can help families choose your school. It might also help to use the likes of an organic YouTube promotion service that can increase the number of views and subscribers on the school’s YouTube. Some of the more interesting videos could be creating a highlight reel video that features the best moments of your past school events, such as hiring the best catering in Toronto.
  • Post a Blog for Your Event – You can create a blog post about your upcoming school program and share behind-the-scenes photos and short video content. After uploading the video to Youtube, encourage your community of followers to share and comment on your video. Include a narrated video of the concept of your event or venue tour.
  • Share Your Story – Storytelling in a daycare centre is important — if you are inviting first-time attendees, make sure to tell your story to them. For example, you can discuss how a French Immersion program benefits your child. Use different social media posting tools to automatically share your stories on a regular basis. Do not forget to include your event hashtag on your social media accounts for event promotion.
  • Invite Students Influencers – Teaming up with some of your school’s student influencers can hype up Millenials. Unlike using traditional ads, student influencers can effectively expand your event to various social media platforms, including Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.
  • Share a Summary – Give the people a taste of what they missed by sharing images and videos that will inspire them to attend the next school event.

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