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Parking Lots Get Attention

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Name the most common sight in urban or suburban America – okay, besides grass.

Of all the answers, did anyone think to say parking lots?

Ding, ding, ding!

Think about it. In order for you to go anywhere, you have to put the car somewhere. While the city has more options for parking (although you have to consider their parking lots and garages are quite popular), the suburban sprawl is almost inaccessible without one. A notable exception to this might be if you lived in a more rural area, but the vast majority of suburban drivers will understand: any store, attraction, event, anything. If you’re taking the car, you have to park it somewhere.

You could even experience this walking, without a car, on your own two feet. Walk through a suburban area or a series of outlets and count every single parking lot you see. And yes – size matters. Draw a picture in your mind and then ask how much space in that picture do all those parking lots take up?

Undoubtedly a lot. More than you probably ever thought to stop and think over. That’s okay, consider this your tip! Parking lots are important. And if you’re a business owner, then this is really important for you. It probably doesn’t even need to be said.

You will want to make sure you are well acquainted with a good Parking Lot Maintenance Company.

It shouldn’t take long to see why. If parking lots are so easily visible, especially on the way to your business, then you have to consider what its appearance says about you. A functional parking lot should have proper lighting, painted curbs, steel pipe bollards, and other essentials for safety and traffic regulation. If your customer were to walk across your parking lot in poor condition, what kind of positive business could you expect from this? If anything, you’ll be losing subconscious credit. It can also put your guests in a bad mood, and possibly even risk liability issues. And, the reason for mentioning how easily visible your parking lot is in the first place is to stress it isn’t just one or two customers experiencing this. Nor is it only those who visit your store. It’s the passer-bys too. The ones you’re desperately trying to convince to stop passing your store by.

So consider this. Your parking lot will set the impression for not only your visitors, but anyone who can see it on their current commute.

Avoid the hassle entirely. Cut to the chase and ensure your parking lot is taken care of. It is afterall, your first impression. In a culture where first impressions are valued, don’t start off on the wrong foot – or wheel – with a poor entrance. Ensure the final leg of the drive to your shop is smooth – easy going. Make sure the finish on it meets your standard – and matches the aesthetic presentation of your store. If required, consider getting it stripped from companies similar to EverLine Coatings and Services in your region. When there is separate space for different vehicles, parking would be a lot more convenient for customers and it might result in more footfall to your store. Moreover, entrance and parking tend to be some of the most important factors in driving customers in.

So will you – don’t let that small detail pass by. Get those easy brownie points. Make sure it matches the sleek or well-taken care of the appearance of your shop. Take care of your driveway, and it will take care of you. This doesn’t have to be a bad thing. It works the other way too. A well-maintained parking lot could be the unsung hero your marketing department never knew it needed. You can add to that marketing boost by using a Print Shop to create some advertising posters and boards near the parking lot so your store has more visibility which will draw customers in.

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