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Why Wearing Jewelry at Home Is a Thing Now

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Want to wear your jewelry while on quarantine? Why not?

If you are like most people who wear pieces of jewelry only when they go out and attend special occasions, then you will probably chuckle at the idea of wearing jewels while staying at home. However, come to think of it: How long have you been staying at home? When will be your next big event?

There may be no definite answers to the questions above right now. If staying at home and limited social gatherings can be a few of the “new normal” routines this year, then why would you restrict yourself from wearing your favorite pieces of jewelry at home, or letting yourself find jewelry online that you will eventually be able to wear out once things get back to normal?

Reasons Why Wearing Jewelry at Home Is Acceptable These Days

  • It’s Comforting. Staying at home is okay, but staying at home for a long time because of an invisible virus (hello, global pandemic) will eventually become unnerving. If you are becoming unsettled and bored, try putting on your favorite earrings and necklace. Wear them while you watch the next episode of your favorite Netflix series or while you eat your lunch. It will be comforting, you’ll see. If you don’t have a favorite pair just yet then you may want to go online to Gema & Co and see their beautiful pieces, it may give you a shot of serotonin just looking at them!
  • It’s Uplifting. While the daily news isn’t very encouraging-the COVID-19 cases seem to keep increasing-you just have to look at the brighter side. Check your stackable rings and bangles. Turn on your favorite music station and dance with your party gem. Aren’t you feeling better already while just imagining this scenario?
  • It Brings Up the Good Memories. Most of the jewelry pieces we keep are gifts from our friends and loved ones. Since you are not seeing them in person yet because of self-isolation, wear that diamond ring your boyfriend gave you on your last anniversary, or the 2 carat cushion cut engagement ring that your fiancé carefully picked out for you and reminisce about all the good memories. Now, isn’t that bringing a wide smile on your almost-sullen face?
  • It’s Trendy. But why do you need to be trendy when you are just staying home, right? Well, don’t you want to look stylish on your new profile photo? Here’s a tip: Wear your classy wristwatch and hoop earrings, and make your “work from home” selfie more appealing than ever.

Wearing your jewelry at home is not against the rules. While you are maintaining your distance from everyone else, your jewelry pieces and diamonds are hanging around with you. You just have to let them out of your storage and wear them anytime you like.

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