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FDA Grants Emergency Use Authorization for Phosphorus’ At-Home COVID-19 Saliva Test Kit

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A significant challenge health sectors across the globe have faced during the COVID-19 pandemic is how to carry out mass testing to establish the number of infected persons and create the proper strategies to curb further spread of the virus. The challenge has been caused by a shortage of kits, the length of time it takes to get results, and fear of testing. The US federal and state governments have been working through various health departments to curb the pandemic’s spread. Most recently, the FDA granted the use of the self-administered test kit from Phosphorus to enhance COVID-19 testing at home. It is important that people get tested so they can make sure they are not carrying the infection and passing it on unknowingly, as some people can be asymptomatic. Whether they are testing at home or they are looking for covid testing in dallas, for example, they need to keep safety in mind at all times.

About Phosphorus Genomics

Phosphorus is a prominent genomics company with its headquarters in New York City and its laboratory in Secaucus, New Jersey. The company received an emergency use authorization from the FDA, allowing the distribution of its COVID-19 saliva testing kits with home sample collection. Individuals can access the test kits by ordering them through the company’s website. They can also get them through employer and healthcare provider partnerships as the company looks forward to resumption of its operations. The federal government authorized the use of the home sample collection kit through the FDA after extensive studies to ascertain its safety, reliability, and accuracy. Phosphorus’ saliva test kit became the second FDA approved COVID-19 test kit for home use.

How Does the Test Kit Work?

The package contains a simple kit for self-collection of saliva and a kit for returning the specimen to the lab. It also comes with a health technology platform from BioIQ to facilitate assessment of digital symptoms and exposure, tracing contacts, and appropriate follow-up care. Individuals receive their test results between one and two days after submitting the specimen. The saliva testing method is not only easy to use, but also promotes more privacy than other swab-based approaches. This kit’s efficiency has enabled the federal government to conduct extensive and repetitive COVID-19 test protocols, as health care experts recommend.

Phosphorus’ testing standards adhere to strict protocols to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the results. Being among the first companies to receive the emergency use authorization green light from the FDA, Phosphorus agreed to conduct intense studies to ensure that the kits’ performance is within FDA standards. Phosphorus has also fully adhered to the guidelines of the FDA on diagnostic tests for the COVID-19 pandemic. Phosphorus Diagnostics has proven to be very medically credible and trustworthy.

BioIQ’s chief executive officer, Justin Bellante, has noted that it is crucial to add to the COVID-19 mass testing capacity using the home sample collection kits. Government agencies, organizations, and employers can make relevant health plans to combat the virus using the results obtained from these kits. Bellante also said that the partnership between Phosphorus Genomics and BioIQ was a timely move in the quest to combat the spread and impact of COVID-19.

Employers can make their back-to-work plans using the home sample collection kits. BioIQ has been working closely with employers to assist them in handling their testing needs and employee health, plus supporting government agencies as they develop strategies amidst the pandemic. These partnerships have also provided firms with a platform to access networks of resources from reliable and certified laboratories to facilitate their COVID-19 test solutions.

Phosphorus’ CEO and co-founder Alexander Bisignano said that the company was excited about its new partnership with BioIQ and to continue offering solutions during the COVID-19 pandemic. He added that thousands would benefit from these highly efficient test approaches, which will enable them to collect samples in their own homes. Bisignano expressed Phosphorus’s commitment to ensuring that patients get real-time individual test results.

When ordering Phosphorus’ test kit, individuals need to follow these steps:

  1. Choose and order the test kit using the online checkout process.
  2. Complete the medical questionnaire provided online.
  3. Independent medical personnel will review your information.
  4. Upon approval, the kit will be shipped to your residence.

After completing the Phosphorus Diagnostics test, the tested person will receive test results within three days of the kit’s receipt at the laboratory, and results will come with a consultation from a health care provider.

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