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How to start an SEO strategy for your website

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For anyone without experience in the realm of SEO, being responsible for putting together a search engine optimisation strategy can seem like an extremely daunting task. Not only is there onsite optimisation including content and technical SEO but there is also offsite SEO which includes building a strong backlink profile. You may need the services of such people as WebCitz, and others like them to help with this maintenance and marketing so that you stand out and can keep consumers coming back for more. If you are a new and small business it can seem like there is a never-ending mountain climb ahead of you, to relieve some of the stress, here is a guide to beginning your SEO strategy.

Choose your keywords

Before you can start trying to rank, you need to know which keywords you want to rank for. This is going to take a bit of research as you need to put yourself in the mind of your customers, what kind of terms are they going to be searching for?  

For example, if you are a milkshake shack selling dairy-free alternatives then potential customers may be searching for “vegan milkshake shops”. Or, if you are a Southwest based agency providing SEO services then you might want to rank for “SEO Agency Bristol“. For whichever keywords you decide to target, it is important to think about synonyms and other ways people could be searching for the same thing.

Write quality content centred around your keywords 

The next step to getting a quality SEO strategy in place is to begin naturally weaving these words into the content on your website, including on web pages and blogs. Blogs are a great way to provide interesting content that is likely to engage your audience and answer the questions that they may be searching for online.

The key is to find the perfect balance between making it clear to search engines what your website and webpages are about without stuffing your keywords into every sentence. Not only will Google identify ‘keyword stuffing‘ but for visitors to your website, the content will be uncomfortable to read and could cause them to bounce to another website. 

Titles are important

For all of the quality content that you are writing for your website, you need attention-catching titles that include your keywords. The page titles are part of the snippets that your target audience is going to see on the results page, this means it needs to quickly highlight why they should click on your website instead of all the other competing results.

For the formatting of your titles, the main page title should be a H1 and other subtitles should be H2. Make sure there is only one H1 on each of your web pages as having multiple can confuse Google as to what the content on the page is really about.

Speak to an expert 

SEO is a wide and complex topic when it comes to running a website, the features of it are constantly updating and there are so many components to a successful SEO strategy. As not everyone can be an expert at everything, opting to speak to an SEO agency could help you to identify aspects of your website that need improving. In order to get in touch with one such company, you can search for a “Fort Lauderdale SEO company” or wherever you are based.

They usually do an audit of your website and can help to give an indication of the overall SEO health of your website as well as practical recommendations that you can implement on your site. By incorporating such practices in your company, you might experience an increase in the number of sales.

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