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Tips to Create an Eye-Catching Social Media Profile

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If you are a regular on social media, you will know the importance of getting more followers. One of the ways to get more followers is by creating an eye-catching profile page. Whether it is Instagram or Facebook, an attractive profile page can get you more followers.

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We have some handy tips to help you create a highly attractive profile page for your social media account. Use these tips to make your followers go wow and get new followers for your page.

5 tips to create a great social media profile

1) Your username should be catchy

Before anything else, have a catchy username. Your username is the first thing people see on social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter. Avoid using standard usernames. Create a different and unique username. The name should convey as much as possible about you. The name should be concise and easy to remember.

2) Choose the best profile photo

The highlight of your profile page is your profile photo. People would like to see who you are. Most people would be intrigued by your post and then would click on your profile to know more about you. When they see your photo, they must be impressed. Choose your best photo to include on the profile page.

Spend some time and effort in choosing a good photo. If required, get a photo taken. If your aim is to be an influencer on social media and to build your brand, then you need to put effort into it. Get a photo taken by a the best boston headshot photographer, or the best photographer wherever in the world you are. The right photo will make people like you and want to follow you.

If you are running a brand, then make sure you include your logo. The logo must be clearly visible with your brand name. Your brand identity should have specific colors or designs. Include them in the profile page photo, so visitors will identify your brand better.

3) Write a snappy bio

Just below the profile photo, you would post your bio. This would not be a detailed bio but a very brief one. People anyway don’t have the patience to read through many paras. You need to introduce yourself in just 3-4 lines. The bio must be snappy and eye-catching.

Use the right language and vocabulary that your target audience would like. If you plan to reach out to the young crowd, use their language. If you want to target the corporate audience, then be professional in your vocabulary choice. 

Use appropriate and relevant details. If your target audience is professionals, then including emojis will look silly. But, if you want to reach out to teens adding emojis makes sense. Be a bit irreverent and use humor (as appropriate). If you are a professional, then try to include your credentials in the bio.

Make sure you include a link to your website or your YouTube page. Try to add a tagline or a motto that sounds attractive. That should make a person show interest in knowing more about it. When that happens, they would visit your website or any other social media page to learn about you.

Instead of linking to the home page of your website, you can link to a landing page. The landing page can be specific to the social media account. For example, you can have different landing pages for Insta, LinkedIn, and Facebook. The landing page must be specific and must let visitors know who you are and what you are doing. If you are selling something, include links to your products/services on the landing page.

4) Include contact options

Most social media platforms allow you to include your contact options. It is important to include this, so your potential audience can contact you. It is not necessary to share your address or phone number. If you are running a brand, then you can share a phone number and your contact address.

At least share the details of your city, state, and country. Your audience would like to know where you are from. Share an email ID or at least the link to a contact form on your website. This will help people contact you. If you want to be seen as approachable, keep your message box open to allow people to message you.

5) Have an attractive pinned post

You can create a pinned post that remains at the top of your page. This post should be attractive and generate interest. Use colorful and well-designed images. The text you use in the post should be crisp, clear, and concise. The post should help your audience understand what to expect from you.

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