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Demand for paddleboarding surges in the pandemic

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The pandemic and numerous lockdowns has led to many people focusing on spending more time outside. This has a number of physical and mental benefits, and as it turns out, it has also led to a real boom in the demand for watersports.

Searches for paddle boarding

Recent research from Aquaplanet has shown that searches for paddle boarding have increased 300% in 2021 when compared to 2019. This shows the increased online demand for the products and the trends suggest this could be set to continue throughout the next few years.

Paddle boarding is very weather dependent, and the UK has had a couple of decent summers which have led to many people looking to invest in a board as a way of taking advantage of the summery weather. The different types of stand up paddle boards available also makes it easier for consumers to find the right product for their tastes and needs.

Inflatable paddle boards are robust pieces of equipment, some of the top suppliers in addition to Aquaplanet include Red, The SUP Co and iRocker. The market is booming with demand set to continue into 2022. Provided good summers continue there is plenty of room for growth in the industry.

The health benefits of paddle boarding

There are a lot of health benefits that can be found through paddle boarding. Physical benefits come from the whole body workout that paddle boarding involves and many find the sport as a great way of destressing after a long day during the summer.

Paddle boarding can also be a great way of getting some low intensity exercise during summer vacations at various holiday spots around the UK and more further afield.

Other potential benefits include raised vitamin D levels, which mainly comes from spending more time outdoors. This is very important as the more overcast weather in the UK can lead to people spending more time indoors and not getting enough vitamin D.

Finding the best time to paddle board

Paddle boarders like to seize every opportunity for good weather that they can. By relying on a weather station, they are able to plan and prepare for excursions accordingly. If you’re interested in getting out to paddle board more, then you should get an accurate weather station, which could be found by reading and comparing Weather Reviews for different stations. Keeping up with regular updates about the weather also encourages you to go out more and try new and different activities, which is generally good for your health.

Watersports are growing in popularity and the UK has plenty of beaches, lakes and rivers to take advantage of in the summer of 2022. We recommend securing your paddle boards early so that you have everything you need to take advantage of the summer weather next year!

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