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Business Guide – Commercial Road Surfacing Maintenance

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Every single day we rely on the road surfaces to get us to where we need to be. A perfect example of this could be your morning route to work, without suitable road surfaces in place, how would your morning commute look like? These surfaces are a fundamental part of our infrastructure in the United Kingdom, therefore, they must be maintained.

Whilst road taxes will help fund the upkeep of public roads there are times where this responsibility falls into our hands. If your workplace owns a private road leading up to the premises or you have a large car park, it’s down to you to keep these surfaces in tip-top condition. 

Why Spend Time Maintaining A Road Surface 

Failure to maintain a road surface can lead to a whole range of problems for your business. First, and most importantly, a worn road surface can cause a huge amount of damage to vehicles. This may be the businesses fleet of vehicles, or even worse, customers arriving at the business. In addition to this, an old weathered road surface can seriously impact the brand’s image in the eyes of the public.

Every couple of years it can seriously pay off to spend some time and money investing in road surface maintenance. Whilst road surfaces are highly durable, if left out in the harsh weather conditions without any care they will deteriorate a lot quicker than if constantly maintained. In this article, we will be exploring the best avenues to go down for road surface maintenance. 

Upkeep Road Drainage Systems

Water causes some of the most common forms of wear and tear on road surfaces. In the winter it can lead to potholes and cracks forming and, in the spring and summer, it can lead to waterlogged roads. By simply upkeeping the road drainage systems you can avoid a whole range of water-related damage being caused to the surface.

This may include clearing leaves out of drains or maybe even installing a drainage system if the old one is broken. While these solutions can be effective, it would be better to contact an expert from a drainage firm similar to Hyrdoscapes, who can help come up with a permanent solution.

Fill In Any Potholes And Cracks 

Often with road maintenance, it’s all about spotting the early signs of wear and tear and addressing them as soon as possible. This is ever so apparent when you see potholes and cracks starting to form. If there is any damage to the road surface it’s crucial that you have these professionally repaired as soon as possible. If they are left to develop they can grow into a much larger problem resulting in a larger area of the road needing work in the future. 

Cutting Back Trees And Hedges

Road surfacing maintenance also involves cutting back the surrounding trees and bushes. The reason being is that a lot of this greenery will not only restrict vehicles travelling down the road but can also lead to more plant matter building up on the surface itself. Once a year the surrounding trees and bushes need to be cut back to help ensure full access to the road moving forward and prevent dead leaves from building up all over the surface. 

Maintain Clear Road Markings 

This is especially important when it comes to car park surfacing or businesses with a large number of customer traffic travelling to and from the businesses every day. Clear road markings are extremely important for managing traffic flow around the business. If they are left to be worn away or are no longer visible there is a high risk to people visiting the business. By laying new thermoplastic markings every couple of years you can help maintain clear parking bays and keep customers flowing in and out of your premises smoothly. 

What Do Do When The Road Is Beyond Repair 

Unfortunately, maintenance is only effective when the signs are spotted early. In some cases, it can be too late for maintenance and it’s time to employ a more permanent solution. This can involve hiring a local surfacing contractor for a complete road surfacing solution. To find a contractor simply search for road surfacing in London and find a contractor that’s right for you.

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