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Are you sure you know everything about your new destination, Florida?

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Did you know that everyday there is an average of 1000 people who move to Florida? Keeping in mind the nickname of this place “The Sunshine State”, it is not a surprise that people love to shift to Florida. Are you planning to contribute to this number? If answered yes, you have to know a lot of things about the new place. From the kind of weather you should expect to where to find a good quality restaurant, there are few basic things to know before shifting.

Now that there are expert movers like orange county movers, you can certainly make your move hassle-free but who will supply you with information on the new place? We are here to help you out. Keep reading to know more.

  • There are a lot of seniors in Florida

Although Florida is not the state that has the highest median age, it’s almost there. Florida has recently become one of the most famous destinations for retirees due to its tax-friendliness. No, this isn’t a discouraging message for the younger generation though. This state has lots to offer to people of all ages.

  • There’s big party scene but not everywhere

Trust me when I say this, I used to be a huge party animal. I remember looking at fake ID reviews to find one that would let me get into clubs when I was as young as 18! Something that I learned about Florida in my party days is how different the clubbing scenes are in the north and south. You really need to make sure you plan where you’re going because some places are deader than others.

Just like the senior scene isn’t something ultimate in Florida, the party scene is not seen everywhere throughout the state. There are two stereotypes in Florida, a raucous party scene in South Florida and a sleepy community of retirees. This doesn’t give you an entire picture of the state.

  • There’s more to animal kingdom than alligators

Florida alligators gain a lot of attention as they are deemed to be the most dangerous wildlife. In fact, they are so common that you’ll often hear about them running inside porches. However, in case you’re an outdoor enthusiast, you’ll simply love the diverse ecosystem of this state. You may click here to know more on west coast Florida.

  • There is lot of difference between South and North Florida

Once you visit both South and North Florida, you may find them to be two different states. The former is much more diverse and shows a Caribbean and Latin American influence. This is also the place where most of the nightlife happens. On the other hand, North Florida is the home to the capital of the state and has an entirely different climate. North Florida is also susceptible to climate change.

  • Tourists are an inseparable part of Florida

Tourists are always drawn by the Disney World, spring break scene in the Keys and the Everglades or the Art Deco in Miami Beach. In short, tourists seem to love Florida. Hence, if you’re planning to move to Florida, you should always be ready to handle the constantly influx of tourists during the peak seasons. The North-easterners might even take refuge from the cold winter during this time.

Therefore, if Florida is the new place for your abode, you should keep in mind all the above listed points. To know more on Evoke Winery, you can check the link.

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