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9 Fun Sharpie Pen Inspired Crafts

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Thinking of making your next Picasso, Sharpie crafts are a fun and straightforward way to let your imagination run wild when making that one-of-a-kind masterpiece. From mugs to plates and other arts, the vast array of colours allows you to craft an infinite number of DIY projects using Sharpies. Rather than keeping these outstanding writing instruments cooped up in an office supply drawer, take them out for a fun session when you find yourself indoors any day.

What makes Sharpies special?

What most people may not know or realize, Sharpies are distinct from standard markers when it comes to crafts since a lot of various types exist. Additionally, their colour variety, surface options are different points to consider when selecting Sharpies. To illustrate this, one can consider water-based paint Sharpie markers as a go-to for glass surfaces, while oil-based ones are excellent for ceramics, which can take the heat from ovens. Other types of sharpie pens that exist include glitter Sharpies and a chisel point. They can also be used on many surfaces, including paper, metal, plastic, and other surfaces.

Where to use Sharpies

While Sharpies are considered harmless and are AP-certified non-toxic, it’s highly discouraged for these products to be used on surfaces that contact foodstuff. This doesn’t mean you can’t decorate the outside part of your favourite mug or plate; Sharpies are, however, to be used as a decorative for display purposes. It is also not a thoroughly tested oven proof product and should thus be avoided where someone can end up ingesting its ink.

Craft Ideas using Sharpies

From decorating mugs to tea towels, lampshades, shoes, and nails, here are some of the DIY crafts to jazz up your house:

Teapots: Oil-based Sharpies are perfect for light-coloured ceramic teapots with endless variations in decorations available. From flowers to dots and lines, any designs can be done to spruce up your old hot water kettle and make it brand new.

Pantry containers: Turn your mason jars into lively pantry containers for dry items such as flour, sugar, and uncooked beans. The water-based sharpies are excellent for glass and allow you to create incredible designs on these jars.

Wallpaper: Feeling like the next Michelangelo, take up any Chisel tip or fine/Ultra-fine tip Sharpie and get ready to impress your friends and family with your DIY wallpaper. Sharpies help you avoid all the unnecessary cleanup and mess left by paint in traditional wallpapers.

Sneakers: With any plain boring plain white shoes, turn them into a gorgeous one of a kind footwear. Just dab the shoe with a cotton swab dipped in rubbing alcohol to blend the colours in only a few minutes.

Phone cases: Style your phone with a personalized phone cover through the multitudes of Sharpie options available. The process is easy, starting with a simple pencil sketch followed by a trace using the markers. A superficial layer of clear white nail polish can be used as a seal to cover the design and look much better.

Mugs: A fresh new look to your favourite coffee mug is a definite ringer. Oil-based Sharpie markers offer the best results. Just put that bad boy into the oven for 2 hours at 250°F to dry the ink and make the design last longer.

Water bottles: Whether made of aluminium, glass, or plastic, oil-based Sharpies are your best bet at customizing your water bottle and making it look incredible for your next jog or safari.

Outlet covers: With the help of Sharpies, turn those boring electrical outlets dotted all-around your house into fun designs. Add blocks of colour and patterns to achieve simple techniques or even more complex and intricate ones; however, it suits you.

Lampshades: Last but not least, spruce up your home lampshades by adding stencils, shapes, or other designs using Sharpies. A glitter Sharpie can give your lampshade that extra sparkle.


When it comes to decorating and making DIY crafts, the personalized touch brought by using Sharpies makes any gift or project worthwhile and thoughtful. Bring out your creative side and turn any old home item into a beautiful piece that’s timeless and endearing!

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