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Workplace Productivity Problems: Solving IT-Related Challenges Quickly

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One of the oldest business adages has always been ‘time is money.’ Business owners and managers would reference this adage when their employees were wasting time as it would therefore be wasting their businesses’ money. As it stands today, however, there are many more opportunities for time to be lost on the job. The most common being time spent on a cellphone, but the others might surprise you. Unrelated internet browsing, employee gossiping and breakroom lounging, but one that sticks out above the rest is time spent dealing with IT-related issues.

While it may seem shocking, the average employee will waste about 22 minutes of their day trying to resolve any of their technological problems. That would mean the average employee is wasting nearly an hour and a half of their time per week, or nearly two weeks of their time per year dealing with issues that impede on their work responsibilities. These are only the average considerations as well. There will be employees who face extreme technological difficulties as well, which can result in even more time lost. This impact can be detrimental on the productivity of employees and therefore the output of the organizations they represent.

What sort of challenges can cause employees to lose nearly two weeks of their office time per year, though? Well, a majority of these issues are going to encompass their mobile and desktop hardware. Nearly seven in ten employees will indicate poor mobile connectivity, both in WIFI and network provider coverage. A separate six in ten employees will indicate their hardware’s batteries are not up to par, causing constant disarray. Another six in ten employees will report that organization-wide applications are failing and keeping them from completing their work. To top it all off, nearly five in ten employees will report some form of hardware failure causing constant reboots and valuable data to be lost. There is then the problem of servers. A lot of the time, office productivity is hampered by obstacles in the workplace’s internal software. Support services for MS Exchange and HCL Domino are present and a good investment. However, businesses sometimes tend to overlook this need. In the long run, that decision ends up reducing productivity for the employees.

From the statistics above it would seem that a great deal of employees face these technological issues, but what’s even worse is knowing that a majority of employees who do face these issues won’t even report them to their IT department. Those that do, however, indicate that solving the issue isn’t always as easy as it might seem. In fact, resolving the issue often takes upwards of thirty minutes to an hour on average. For employees, this often means feeling even more behind on their productivity goals than they previously were. These feelings are often a distraction in themselves, with most employees returning to work nearly 25 minutes after their issues have been resolved.

So, how can organizations go about limiting the amount of time their employees spend dealing with their IT-related challenges? There are options like employing an automated network detecting software that can analyse the issues within the IT network and other software to suggest solutions instantly. Such software could enable any network to manage as a series of network intents. It may run continuously to automatically enforce network designs. A network problem diagnosis automation system (NPDA system) could solve problems, including troubleshooting, visualization, operations, security, and compliance. To get more information on NPDA functioning and benefits, sneak a peek at this site and increase your workplace productivity. Additionally, on a personal level, you can adopt a few measures to ensure a drop in IT issues. First and foremost, prioritizing upgraded hardware is the best investment. New equipment should alleviate issues of battery life and application incompatibility. Next, a well-polished cyber-security strategy is best for avoiding any virus or malware complications that employees can face. Finally, investing in the best business internet line offered locally can resolve any of the network connectivity issues that employees may face. For more information regarding ways to reduce time lost due to IT-related issues in the office, be sure to review the infographic accompanying this post. Courtesy of Time Technology.

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