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Why Advertising is the Biggest Business in the World

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Online entrepreneurs and other business people who go on to realize success through running businesses through the web have figured it out, how it’s all about advertising and that is why companies like Linear are used to help get the word out there. Okay, perhaps some couldn’t explicitly point to the fact that they essentially have the 4-1-1 on advertising being what it’s all about, but either way, successful online business operators are involved in advertising. Advertising is something that is done by companies of all genres, from a small handmade gift site, to an agency selling technology – everyone needs advertising in one way or the other. For instance, if we take the idea of the tech industry who utilize the expertise of a technology copywriter (from agencies such as Horizon Peak Consulting) to help sell their products in a with a more human touch to the people, who might need the product, but do not understand the technical nitty gritties of it completely. In a nutshell, that’s why advertising is the biggest business in the world, but for those who need a little bit more convincing with some practical examples, it’s perhaps worth exploring some of the many reasons which come together to account for advertising being the biggest business in the entire world.

Without marketing there are no sales

Every single product or service that is sold on this earth is sold on the back of some or other advertising mechanism, whether this is a purposeful one or indeed if it was inadvertent. Sure, maybe the conscious advertising might be catered to once, to introduce the product or service to the market, but in order to keep the sales coming, each last performance of the product or service sold serves as a further advertising platform for repeat business or to draw new buyers.

If nobody sees what you have, which could be the best solution of its kind, nobody can buy it so it needs to be advertised in some or other way.

Advertising goes beyond just putting out commercials

When you write up your CV or resume, that’s a form of advertising – you’re advertising your skills to a potential employer, which you effectively want to sell to them. So it’s not just about putting out commercials or putting up billboards. Advertising is EVERYWHERE!

The biggest tech company in the world is an advertising company

Despite what the likes of Apple may have to say about that, the biggest tech company in the world is Google, which is now even just a subsidiary of its parent company, ALPHABET. The home page suggests that it’s nothing but the simplest of search engines, but Google’s whole growth and expansion model was build around selling Pay-Per-Click ads. You can learn about these businesses and their marketing strategies at Brand Stories.

The biggest industries in the world are driven by advertising

If you take a closer look at pretty much all the major institutions, such as sports for example. Even if you narrow the focus down to a singular league, like the English Premier League, what you’ll realise is that it’s underpinned by advertising, isn’t it? They are likely to use televisions and other streaming platforms as mediums to promote the match being played. Additionally, with software solutions that can read and study viewer audience data (check this out, for example) and provide the same information to these agencies, finding the right demographic for different products from various industries has never been easier.

Vendors will ALWAYS be compelled to try out some marketing campaigns

Some of those PTC (Paid-to-Click) sites Google hates so much (because they’re in direct competition with it) continue to live on beyond their 10-year+ history. This is because new vendors somehow find their way to these types of advertising platforms and at the very least give them a try. Success is not always guaranteed, but the product or service of advertising is always delivered.

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