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What is Email Marketing Used For?

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The use of the internet for marketing is as old as the internet itself, it seems. At the very least, it was not long after the internet became a mass-market product that it became clear what a powerful tool it could be for marketing. One of the primary ways it has changed marketing is in the ways that email can be used (for good and for bad) to market to customers and potential customers.

To make a long story short, you have probably received a marketing email if you have an email account. It may have been an unsolicited contact – otherwise known as spam, and unmistakable abuse of the idea of email marketing – but it’s more likely to have been from a company you have done business with before and which has something to offer now. Just as affiliate marketing, video marketing, and other methods have their advantages, so email marketing has evident benefits for companies – and below, we’ll look into when and why email is used for this purpose.

However, to get the most out of these bulk email marketing strategies, one must ensure that the emails sent are successfully delivered to the potential leads. Besides email marketing trends, email verification is an essential component of your email marketing strategy. Email verification is the process of determining whether an email address is valid, active, and capable of receiving emails so that you can safely send emails to the addresses if they are cogent. If you want to sign up for an email verification platform or tool, you may go to or any other website that you prefer to remove all the unnecessary mail IDs that are either not in use or simply invalid.

Drawing interest to special offers

Signing up for a specific service online generally will involve giving them an email address. So when you have used a company’s online service before, don’t be surprised to see an email from them every once in a while alerting you to their current special offers. If you’ve not used them since the first time – or if you’ve proven to be a reliable customer – they might pop you an email offering you as much as 50% or more of certain services. When a customer receives an email offering such a deep discount, it will make them sit up and take notice in a way that just doesn’t resonate as much in other formats.

Informing your audience on a topic

Businesses don’t need to let their customers know about their efforts or their opinions on every issue, but there are some cases where it is always beneficial. Just think back to the Spring of 2020 and the broad confusion of how to transition into a world of pandemics, lockdowns, and social distancing. Businesses needed to let their customers know how they’d be handling the change, what measures they were taking to provide service safely, and how delivery times would be affected. A business that reacts to events conscientiously will be remembered positively by customers, which is part of email marketing.

Gauging customer reactions

If you overuse email marketing, there is the very real danger of making your customers tire of you and potentially unsubscribe from your mailing list. You have to make sure that they feel it is worth their while to continue receiving emails from you, and one way to do this is to seek their feedback and act upon it. Emailing a link to a survey – with potentially a money-off coupon as a reward for participating – is a handy way to remind customers that you are listening to them and that there is a benefit to engaging with you. It’s one sure way to build customer loyalty.

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