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How to Use Virtual Events for B2B Marketing?

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B2B marketing refers to all the steps taken to get your business, the products, and the services it offers to other businesses. Usually, there is the traditional way of doing this that largely requires physical presence, as you would see with many traditional marketers.

However, with the advent of technology, all that has changed. You don’t have to be physically present in a place before you can market to the people there. You can consider any of the virtual marketing methods, which appears to be more beneficial, as we shall come to see later.

Instead of spending a lot on physical events, why not consider going virtual? | Source: Unsplash.

Careful attention to the details of the world around you reveals that everything can be done virtually, including B2B marketing. The only difference is how a business chooses to go about it.

In today’s technology-driven world, businesses can consider virtual business events as an alternative B2B marketing strategy. The challenge for businesses that want to use virtual events is knowing what event to use and how to go about it.

If that sounds like a challenge your business is currently experiencing, you’re in the right place. Here, we will be looking at some virtual events to drive business sales and the best ways to go about them.

Fireside chats

For podcasts, daily shows, and other interactive discussions, you must have heard them use the term “fireside chat.” This is an alternative to the traditional presentation format – where one person (the presenter) does all the talking to an audience. Instead, fireside chat uses the interview-like approach but in an informal way.

So, the format is simple – there is a presenter and a guest who is usually a high-profile person at the event. The presenter will ask the guest questions about a subject, and the guest replies by sharing honest stories or giving direct replies. The fun of fireside chats is always in its informality.

With fireside business chats used as a B2B marketing strategy, your startup can provide relevant content about a product or service to its audience. The guest can also reveal backstage stories and insights that convince other businesses to engage with your business. Most importantly, it helps to ease pressure on the presenter.

AMA sessions

AMA session is short for the “Ask Me Anything” session. It is a virtual event that happens in one place and is publicized for everyone interested in following through. As the name implies, it is an informal session that is always laden with fun and information.

To use an AMA session as a virtual event for B2B marketing, you have to get someone versed in your business or startup and the products or services it offers. Then, the person is invited for the session and asked several questions relating to your business.

To make the session more interesting, you can make it someone who has engaged with your business at one point or the other.

Answers provided during this session will give prospects insights into your business. You can also create a call line that allows people from all over to put a call through to ask any question they have.

So, for example, if you have a business that specializes in providing office supplies to other businesses, you can organize an AMA virtual session to drive sales. You can allow everyone who wants to ask questions the privilege of calling your guest on the show.

The more questions can be answered; the more knowledgeable prospects get about your business!

Everything is going virtual including B2B marketing. | Source: Unsplash.

Social events

The business world is one where everything always seems to appear too formal, but who doesn’t like a social atmosphere? Almost everyone does, and creating a virtual social event can be a great B2B marketing strategy.

Have you launched a new product in your startup and are looking for the best way to pitch it to your audience? Why not organize a virtual product launch?

Whatever product or service your business offers can be publicized better with social events. What is more interesting regarding virtual social events? Social media and the availability of different software and applications for streaming.

You can start an IG live interactive session with your business followers where you get to show them how a new upgrade to a particular product works. You can create a Q and A link on video conferencing software – Zoom where everyone can come and ask questions about services offered by your business to other businesses.

You will find several options when it comes to deciding what virtual event you want to use for B2B marketing and enjoy several benefits.

Benefits of Using Virtual Events for B2B Marketing

The operational cost of running a startup can sometimes get overwhelming. However, what is more overwhelming is the time invested in identifying a target audience and marketing to them.

As a business owner, coming up with ways that help you maximize time and cost is vital, and this is where using virtual events for B2B marketing comes in.

Some of the benefits you stand to enjoy from this marketing strategy include:

  • It requires less cost.

Imagine you have to put together a physical event for B2B marketing, costly, right? Yes, because you will need equipment and logistical plans in place to make that happen. However, you can save all these costs when you consider a virtual event. All you need is the right video-conferencing software like the ones offered by companies like Goldcast (; a working knowledge on how to use the application; and you are set!

  • It gives you a wider marketing reach.

Physical events will only mean you can market to those who are present at the event. There is a low possibility that people who are not in the event will hear about your business pitch. However, with a virtual event, you can record exponential reach, including those in your country and outside.

  • It helps to attract new buyers.

More marketing reach means a higher chance of converting prospects into buyers. When a virtual event is properly planned and executed, the chances are that your business will record more sales from other businesses than it will be using the traditional B2B marketing strategy of physical events.


The choice of being tech-savvy is no longer a plus in the business world; it is a necessity. Therefore, it is high time your startup started looking beyond the regular B2B marketing strategies and considering new ways of marketing. One such way is organizing a virtual event that could be a fireside chat, AMA session, or any other social event prospects are interested in.


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