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Products that Help Promote your Brand at a Trade Show

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If you want to be successful as a business, you have to create some noise and make people aware. Talking about brand awareness, trade shows are a popular marketing event where businesses exhibit their products and services to attract people’s attention. Promotional items, giveaways make for a well-rounded booth experience that leaves a lasting impression in your visitors’ minds.

If you are considering some product giveaway ideas to promote your brand at an upcoming trade show, you can collaborate with firms like Price ( and get the publicity that you want for your brand. Also, here are some fantastic ideas on the hottest products that will make your business stand out:

Notebooks and Pens

People will need a notepad and a pen to jot down all the information from the offerings. Why not help them with your custom-printed notebook and pen with your company logo and the brand name? Choose from a wide variety of notebooks ranging from spiral writing pads to pocket diaries and notepads.

You can even select different types of pencils, markers, highlighters, and ballpoint pens. People carry pens everywhere to school, to work, while travelling, etc. A customised pen with your brand name and logo would go a long way!

Mobile Phone Accessories

If there is one gadget that nobody leaves home without, it’s the mobile phone. People these days can’t live without their phones. They carry it with them wherever they go. Therefore, you can’t possibly go wrong with a custom-printed mobile phone accessory.

Whether it is a power bank, travel adapter, or Apple connectors, everyone uses them frequently when they are on the go. A custom-printed phone charger or a power bank is something they will be thankful for when their phone’s battery is dying out.

Plus, with your logo and name on it, you will be exposed to countless eyeballs. Moreover, people using it will remember you every time they use the item, and your brand will be the first thing that pops in mind when they need a product or a service that your company offers.

Water Bottles/Drinkware

People can get tired and exhausted with all the walking and running around at trade shows. How about offering them a custom-printed water bottle to stay hydrated? And why just at the event? People can carry the bottle wherever they go, be it to their office, a gym, school, or while travelling.

This essentially means that you will continue to generate brand awareness to countless other people long after the event has ended. What’s more, it is eco-friendly too as you cut back on the consumption of single-use plastic bottles. To choose from a wide range of water bottles, visit stores like

Advertising postcard

Postcards are popular among businesses because they are inexpensive. They are less expensive to distribute than sending mails individually. According to Deliver online magazine, businesses can also save money on the number of email addresses they send marketing mails to, and the time it takes to collate multiple pages online.

If you are unsure how to go about printing postcards, you can take a look at Ballantine’s guide on outsourcing printing, which can provide you with knowledge about the importance of color psychology in branding and marketing. The outsourced printing firms may help in strengthening the brands’ promotion through effective print advertising strategies and deliver marketing in appropriate proportions.

Custom-Printed Bags

It is the top favourite of businesses when it comes to promotional items. Bags are practical, functional, and used by everyone. Be it a tote, a travel bag, a shopping bag, a laptop bag, or any other type, you can find endless varieties in each.

Therefore, custom-printed bags are a common marketing technique being adopted by brands the world over. Plus, it’s super easy to get your logo, brand name, and even a message embroidered or printed on them, offering high visibility to your brand.

Use any of the above items, and you’ll take your marketing to the next level!

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