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Late Bloomers or Perfect Timing?

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The cliché of not being able to teach an old dog new tricks probably has many variations which convey the same message, but it’s definitely not gospel. Look, it’s generally a good thing for talent and exceptional ability to be identified early, so that it may be developed accordingly, but not all instances of someone going on to achieve great things follow that same path. Simply Academy could be a great starting point as they have plenty of options to kickstart your career.

There are indeed quite a few prominent, famous and successful figures who we refer to as late bloomers, but is it a case of being so-called late bloomers or is it in fact perfect timing? There’s a lot of evidence to suggest the latter when we take a look at the examples of these prominent figures such as Hollywood star Samuel L. Jackson, rock-star Harry Potter author, J.K. Rowling, and culinary extraordinaire, Julia Child…to name but just a few of many, of course!

Would Samuel L. Jackson be as great of an actor as he is had he been groomed at a very young age, when his demographic was perhaps predisposed to assuming specific roles in the entertainment industry and in general? Probably not. Would J.K. Rowling be able to capture the true essence of the wide array of characters she did in her book series had she tried to write something like the hit Harry Potter series at age 11, 12 or 18? No!

Would Julia Child command the kind of presence in the kitchen that she does as a “housewife” figure had she perhaps gone to culinary school? Again, probably not…

The point is it’s never too late to pursue some kind of passion one has or indeed learn a new skill, a new trade, or acquire some new academic knowledge. One’s desire to do so later on in their lives might actually make for some perfect timing, since you’ve likely amassed a well-rounded knowledgebase of life in general. Fame, or any massive success you might amass as a result, will be something you’re more prepared to handle.

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