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Know the vital things to do before you deliver your baby – Pregnancy tips

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If you’re a new would-be mom who has just few months left to deliver your little bundle of joy, you should be aware of the various things that you should do before the delivery. I am sharing these tips with you because they were extremely helpful to me. Not only did I remain busy enough till she got here but I did things that actually helped me immensely after she got here.

While you may click here to know the secrets of bump to baby, you can also read the following list to boost your knowledge as a new mom. Keep reading.

  • Choose a birth announcement

Do you live far away from your friends and family? Or do you just want to show off the arrival of your perfect new baby? If yes, you have to plan out a perfect birth announcement through which you’re going to introduce your new born. You can either write down something on your own or copy some nice meaningful words from Pinterest. When you have this decided, you needn’t take too much stress about choosing a birth announcement after the baby is born.

  • Get a waterproof bed pad

No, this is not something that you should buy for the baby but you should buy this for yourself. When you’re about to deliver a baby, you can have your water break at any time. What if this happens at the middle of the night? You immediately have to leave for the hospital but the amniotic fluid could harm your mattress like anything. So, instead of being nervous, just invest in something that is a good waterproof bed pad.

  • Keep your hospital bags packed

As you never know when your baby is going to arrive, the sooner you pack your bags, the better. Make sure you pack a hospital bag for you and one for your baby and in case your husband is smart enough, he’ll also make you pack one for him. Make sure you go through a checklist of all the things that you should pack in your hospital bag.

  • Clean your carpets

Just as you also have to think of the best private schools for your baby when she grows up, you also have to keep your carpets clean before bringing her to the house. If you have been living in an apartment that had a nasty carpet with weird stains, you should clean them first. You can rent a vacuum cleaner and get your carpets cleaned as your baby and you might as well roll on the floor without any tension.

  • Choose a pediatrician

If you still don’t have a pediatrician, you should ask your friends and family members or check online for the best recommendations. If you live in Hawaii, find a honolulu pediatrics doctor. If you live in England, find a pediatrician in London and so on! Also, check whether or not your hospital has any contracts with the local offices so that the doctors may visit your baby at the hospital.

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