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Can having a backyard garden boost the value of your real estate property?

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Audrey Hepburn says, “To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow”. However, for every homeowner who is proud about his garden and the bountiful tomatoes that he gets, there’s someone else who might consider a garden as an area that requires too much of maintenance and for The Premium Paving Company you are in the right place.

A top-selling agent with SSBHG mentions that elaborate gardens don’t always attract buyers. Most people are not able to maintain a garden and even if they can, they don’t want to maintain it. They think maintaining a garden is a tad bit expensive and they don’t have time for that. Some will use their garden as a storage area instead, or they will build something like an art studio, man cave, etc. so they have a ‘second home’ in a sense. If this appeals to buyers then they can check out man cave shed interior ideas, as well as others so that they can put their garden to good use if they don’t want to use it for traditional means.

If you’ve been thinking of selling your home with a garden, dig deeper to know whether or not gardens increase the value of your property or present it as an USP.

What benefits do gardens offer?

A garden is a dedicated space for nurturing and growing plants. Though the definition of garden is too simple, it encompasses lot more than what you may perceive. A real estate agent at SSBHG, who had a garden for the last 20 years will share with you the types of gardens.

  • Vegetable gardens
  • Flower gardens
  • Container gardens
  • Herb gardens
  • Succulent gardens
  • Raised gardens
  • Fairy gardens
  • Zen gardens
  • Ornamental grass gardens
  • Hedge gardens
  • Xeriscaped gardens

When you’re exposed to green spaces that include plants, you can stay mentally and physically healthy, as per a study done by physicians in England. Exposing yourself to nature and being close to physical activity increases vitamin D and lowers blood pressure.

Do gardens enhance the value of a real estate property?

Financial companies that ace in lending mortgages for buying houses, found out in 2020, that households added an average of $4000 to the value of their homes via improvements like adding an extension, renovating the kitchen, boosting energy efficiency by adding smart devices and improving the garden.

Although these companies also added that landscaped gardens could lead to a 78% increase in home value. As per the National Association of Realtors, adding mulch yearly. Pruning herbs, mowing 2500 square feet of lawn and planting 60 perennials costs around $3500 but can have a 100% ROI during selling.

Are there buyers who don’t prefer specific garden types?

Gardeners usually prefer creating a sense of wonder for visitors but handling extensive gardens are too much of work. This is what most buyers notice. This is even truer with English gardens, vegetable gardens, koi ponds and hence these are few garden types that are not preferred by homebuyers. These gardens only hold the value that is equal to the effort the homeowner puts in.

Therefore, if you’re want to do gardening that adds value to your property in the simplest manner, choose low maintenance plants, bright perennials, annuals or repeat blooming plants. Don’t go for weeds. In fact, low maintenance plants are among the top gardening trends of 2021. You can click here to know more on tips on community fundraising.

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