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Home Office Storage Ideas

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2020 is bound to go down in history for being the year that made everyone stay home months on end. The coronavirus became a global pandemic that made the creation of home offices become the next big thing. As things go back to some form of normalcy, many companies worldwide embrace the permanent use of home offices for many of their employees.

And as you work from home, you want to draw a clear line between office and home activities for enhanced productivity. Therefore, you will require office storage that’s specific to your office needs. Here are some ideas to get you started:

Fully Utilise Your Wall Space

There are so many ways you can utilise your wall space to the fullest and get creative while at it. You can create shelves in exciting shapes, like hexagons, that add aesthetic value to your wall. On the shelves’ inside, put wallpaper as the backdrop, something that complements the wall colour.

Wall-to-wall shelving or bookshelves are another way to use your wall space to the maximum, which you can find on this website. You will need to be careful with this one as clutter build-up can easily occur. Use labelled boxes to organise the shelves neatly and box files to put the paperwork away. Add some homely touch by adding in some decorative pieces in between the shelves.

You can also add a noticeboard that allows you to stick reminders and notes that would otherwise get misplaced on the working table.

Another lovely way to utilise your wall space is by adding on wire baskets proportionally placed, the perfect office storage space for small items like notebooks, printer cartridges, etc.

Nonetheless, before you plan on the design and start the work, you might want to check for any wall repairs. If you have say drywalls, there are chances that the walls have endured damages from termites, or mold growth, or more. If that were the case do searches like “Drywall Repair in Cape Coral” or something similar and find services that can fix these walls for you.

Position Your Desk as The Centerpiece

Often, shelves and desks are placed against the wall, leaving the centre of the room bare. Consider placing your desk as the centrepiece, leaving all the walls for shelves and cabinets that will afford you a great deal of storage space.

An Ottoman

Yes, it may be an office, but the fact remains, it is in your home. Every so often, you may have a child or friend pop in to say hello. A well-designed ottoman would make an ample sitting space, and at the same time, you can utilise it to put away items that are not used daily, like extra printing paper.


Surprisingly, drawers in a home office can help you organise your space effectively. Placing your printer in a top drawer and stacking in the cables and extra printing cartridges in the drawer below clears up your space. This ensures you get sufficient breathing space in your home without feeling work pressures in plain sight throughout.

Clear Shoe Boxes

Clear shoe boxes are ideal as storage units in a home office. This is because you can label them and stack them up on top shelves or above cabinets, creating an organised, clear space. This allows you to store items separately with similar items together. It also makes items easy to access.


By taking advantage of the different recycling bins that can be found on sites like, you will then come to find that your home office is a perfect opportunity to recycle packaging items that you don’t want, like tins, bottles, and glass jars. Also, don’t forget that any tins and bottles that you want to keep can be cut to the appropriate size and decorated with wrapping paper to provide storage for pens, pencils, markers, etc.

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