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Healthy and Safety Measures to Protect Your Retail Business

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Good health and safety are as important for your retail business as they are for you as an individual. Businesses also need to care about the health of their employees and customers as well.

If businesses want their customers to buy only from them, then they should provide the healthiest environments for all groups of individuals, including the employees. A lot of successful businesses get health and safety policy advice from professional consultancy services. Besides this, businesses can effectively protect their valuable investment by following these five healthy and safety measures.

1. Create a contingency plan

To maintain the health of your retail business, it’s important to have a contingency plan. What would you do if a natural disaster or other emergency situation forced you to close one of your stores for more than a week, for example?

How would you keep your employees informed of new information? How would you continue to sustain the interest and loyalty of customers during the interruption? How would you make sure that customers felt comfortable returning to your store?

Having a contingency plan in place will help ensure that your store is minimally affected by a whole host of different events that may otherwise negatively impact the running of your business.

2. Visual inspection of premises

Regular visual inspections of the premises and work tools for standard health and safety measures for your business activities and traffic is also an important aspect to protect your retail business.

Don’t forget to record your findings from the visual inspection of physical conditions by authorised persons or industry experts and ensure photos are taken before any required clean-up efforts commence. 

3. Create a plan for improving health and safety

There are many steps you can take to make sure your retail business is as healthy and safe as possible. Ensuring your business and it’s customers are well protected against emergencies is the first step toward ensuring you create a healthy and safe environment for everyone. Making sure you have the proper insurances in place will protect not only your customers but also yourself when things go awry.

4. Keep an open dialogue

A very important tool you have to help keep the safety and health of your business, employees, customers and even the community is to communicate openly. By speaking up about what works and what doesn’t work in your safety programme, others can learn from your good practices. Hearing your employees’ concerns is essential to keeping your business safe and healthy.

5. Train your employees

Your store’s health and safety measures will not be effective unless your employees understand them. On a daily basis, retail employees encounter numerous situations that can cause harm to them or endanger the health of their customers. So, it is important for retail business owners to provide their employees with adequate safety training and protective gear, so they are ready for any situation.

Infographic created by DuroVac – osha compliant vacuum


As a business owner, it is important to make sure your staff is taking the necessary precautions for their health and safety on a daily basis. Follow these listed five key safety measures to help ensure employee and customer health and safety.

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