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Finding the right HSE job in Scotland

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When looking for a new job, it is important to make sure that the job is a right fit for you. With an abundance of health and safety jobs on the market in Scotland it can be difficult to decide which one will be the best for you.

In order to give you a better idea of whether a job could be suitable, there are a number of areas you could look into.

Business Reputation

When searching for a health and safety job in Scotland it is important to research the companies of jobs that you are thinking of applying for. Not only is this an essential part of job hunting when preparing for an interview but it is important to get an idea of the way the business operates too. By looking at review websites such as trustpilot you can get a good idea of whether the business has a good reputation with its customers or not. If there is a health and safety company with mostly negative reviews there is the chance that this business could lose its customers. If this were to happen then there is the possibility you would have to begin your search for health and safety jobs in Scotland again.

Employee turnover

When deciding on a company in Scotland to work for, a good indication of what it is like to work in a company is employee turnover. If a company has high employee turnover it could be a sign there are some fundamental issues with the way that the company is looking after its employees. If a company always seems to be recruiting, although it could be a sign of company growth, there is the risk that it is because large numbers of employees are leaving. Some ways to find out employee experiences before applying to a job could be to look at websites such as Glassdoor, or you could find old employees via professional networks such as LinkedIn.

Culture fit

Another key thing to consider when looking for health and safety jobs in Scotland is the culture fit of the company. Company culture is important because it has direct impacts on employee productivity, engagement, happiness and therefore retention rate. If a company’s values and culture are not aligned with your own then there is a chance that you may not be in the best environment to help your talents grow. Every individual is different and has different ideas of the perfect company culture and likewise there is a whole spectrum of different company cultures available.

Job responsibilities

Aside from looking at the health and safety companies in Scotland, you should thoroughly understand the job description and responsibilities stated. Does this job role fit into your future plan by giving you the opportunity to improve and develop current skills that you already have? Are there aspects of the role that will be completely new to you and allow you to increase your skill set? The right health and safety job should be the right balance of being in line with your current experience and also offering challenges to improve your knowledge and current skills.

Finding the right health and safety job in Scotland can be a time consuming task, however it will be worth it to ensure that you are a right fit for a company and avoid you having to job hunt soon after joining a new job. 

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