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The most significant advances in gaming tech over the last decade

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When it comes to global business, some sectors stand out from the crowd. Gaming is undoubtedly one of these, and it has soared to new levels over the last 10 years, with new technology like gaming TVs from companies similar to VIZIO as well as crisper graphics that can make all the difference when playing a game. It is certainly one that many entrepreneurs and business leaders are beginning to watch closely. That is because the whole sector has gone from being something of a tech niche to generating massive revenues per year. When you note that the whole gaming sector made around $150bn in 2019, you can see why this global sector is now big business.

But what has been behind this growth in the last decade or so? One primary reason has been the evolution within gaming tech. But which have been the biggest advances in this area since 2010?

Online gaming tech

There is no doubt that online gaming has seen significant massive strides due to evolving technology in the last decade or so. Due to the gamut of pocket edition server hosting options available on the internet, it now seems almost unthinkable to play games only offline, or to only be able to battle against people in the same room as you over a LAN connection! Cloud-based gaming is something so massive that it has transformed not only video gaming but also casino gaming.

For example, playing at the best NJ online casino sites rather than physical casinos is only possible due to online gaming technology. For video gaming, online tech has made it a much more social experience and allowed friends to play against each other, even if they live hundreds of miles apart. Cloud gaming also gives players access to a vast library of online titles such as Halo Infinite compared to standard console play.

Mobile gaming tech

Another big advancement for gaming tech over the last ten years has been the rise of mobile gaming. The beauty of it is that it allows you to game on the move. It is ideal for making that work commute more exciting or for killing time when waiting for friends. Modern mobile networks and devices have developed dramatically over the last decade, which has helped enormously. The commitment to creating games with mobile-friendly tech has also helped.

VR gaming tech

In the world of gaming tech, the development of useable VR products has been big news in the last decade. VR had been talked about in gaming for many years, but it never quite seemed ready. The last ten years have seen vast improvements in the tech itself and the VR software which powers it. VR headsets now are more stylish, affordable, and comfy to wear. There is also a bigger range of VR casino and video games to play now than before. All this makes it a market that has recently found favor with many more people.

Gaming tech is always evolving

When you look at technology with gaming now compared to ten years ago, it is clear how much it has moved on. The above examples indeed show just what immense changes tech in this area has seen in that time. With the video game and online casino sectors always innovating, it will be interesting to see where the next ten years take us.

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