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The business benefits of using printed bags in your stores

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Is it really worth paying for paper bags at grocery stores? According to CBC News, BMO said that switching to paper bags would cost $500 million.

However, CBC News also claimed that switching to reusable bags would cost “at least $40 million.”

Maybe those figures aren’t accurate, but as for the business benefits, I’m quite certain that not charging for paper bags has yielded some benefits for the grocery store chains.

For example, BMO’s report said that the price of paper bags for groceries would be cheaper than traditional bags.

Not only are paper bags not costing the grocery stores money, but according to CBC News, paper bags also have cost-saving advantages for retailers.

According to CBC News, paper bags have reduced the carbon footprint by 60%.

How can you get paper bags at your grocery store, if you’re not paying for them?

You can take advantage of the fact that Canadian grocery stores have turned to the blue-and-yellow bags, for bags costing 50 cents, or $1.25, instead of the old brown paper bags, costing 80 cents.

These paper bags have been estimated by a University of British Columbia professor to be more economical than the green bags (as BMO calculated), due to the fact that paper bags are biodegradable and generally have fewer cracks.

This also leads to savings in labour costs, because staff aren’t wasting time struggling with bags as they pack them. This in turn results in better customer service, allowing staff to relax and chat with the customer. If your staff aren’t doing this, you might want to think about how you could improve sales training for your retail staff, as customer service is often the thing that customers remember most about a store. Service with a smile is always best!

More Business Benefits of Paper Bags

But that’s not all, there’s more to paper bags than just a reduced carbon footprint, increased prices and reduced labour costs.

The paper bag industry has gained something else in the long run: another market for bag manufacturers.

Paper bags have a number of environmental benefits and benefits for the economy, as the CBC News reports.

In Canada, paper bags could even help boost Canada’s struggling economy.

According to CBC News, paper bags made their first appearance in the Montreal area as early as the 1800s.

This has led to a major growth of the paper bag industry in Canada, with the industry currently working on expanding.

There are three major Canadian paper bag manufacturers in Canada.

For more information on these companies, go to Business Case for Paper Bags, produced by Canada’s Paper Bag Manufacturers Association (CPMA).

Other Business Benefits of Paper Bags

Those benefits of printed bags could apply to other businesses in Canada and as far afield as Great Britain, such as retail stores.

For example, BMO’s report also states that the reduced impact on greenhouse gases is an added bonus for large retail stores, such as grocery stores.

The growth of paper bag manufacturing could also provide job opportunities for Canadian and British workers.

BMO has made their business case for paper bags, but you don’t have to wait for a business case to be made to improve your practices.

Many Canadian and British grocery stores have also turned to using paper bags, in order to provide customers with an environment that’s more environmentally friendly.

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