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Specialist Conveyancing Made Easy

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Thinking of moving home?

If yes, then consider choosing an independent Conveyancer. This is a no-hassle approach where you know the cost of conveyancing before you decide who to instruct.

So many people are unsure what to do and getting a Conveyancer onboard is left until the offer stage and some people even wait until after a property survey.

The secret is get your ducks in a row!

Instruct The Right Conveyancer In Time

If you are thinking of moving home then you would obviously calculate the cost of relocating. Well, you will of course have to incur the cost of using moving services for relocation. Similarly, you would have to pay for a moving-out cleaning of the home. You can do this by hiring cleaning experts from an Atlanta move out cleaning (if that is where you stay) or a similar maid service near you.

That being said, you will have to incur other substantial costs associated with your new home. When moving to a new home, the first task is to understand the true moving costs. These will soon mount up and should be independently sourced. With all the recent leasehold issues where costs after completion are incurred, Developers are now paying the penalty for recommending a Solicitor and the poor Homeowner is left with a property they can’t sell on easily.

If you were looking for car insurance you would probably go to the internet and be confronted with many comparison websites claiming to be the best. You would soon find that comparing like for like quotes was almost impossible.

Conveyancing Comparison Websites

Conveyancing comparison websites provide you with a fantastic opportunity to find a Solicitor fast. You will soon notice that some websites want your personal details upfront before they show you the quotes. These sites once you enter your details will email some of the Solicitors shown. This is often 5 in total. This means that you will be called / emailed from 5 solicitors wanting your business. You might say that’s ok but in reality being called when you are just formulating a budget can be really annoying.

Homebuyer Conveyancing lets you browse like for like conveyancing in your timeframe without asking for personal details.

Great news – no unwanted calls or emails when you are budgeting for the cost of conveyancing. Each quote can be compared and the quotations clearly itemise accurately, the legal costs and disbursements. Your specialist conveyancing covered in just a few seconds.

What To Look Out For From A Property Solicitor

The Homebuyer Conveyancing quotes when you are buying a property include a search pledge. The Homebuyer Solicitor acting for you, should your transaction fail through no fault of your own, can get another set of searches for Free for your next property. That’s a great saving as searches do take up a large proportion of the conveyancing costs involved.

When you are ready to move forward you can revisit the Homebuyer Conveyancing website and take a conveyancing quote away and at the same time schedule a convenient call back direct from your chosen Solicitor firm. Unsure who to choose then ring the Homebuyer helpline on 0345 463 7664

Choosing an independent Solicitor means that they are acting for you and your legal requirements can be clearly managed.

Your chosen Solicitor should :-

  1. Call you on time
  2. Discuss an achievable exchange of contracts date
  3. Keep you posted with regular updates of the transaction progression
  4. Take payments for disbursements just before they are due
  5. Be ready to take advantage of the Search Pledge
  6. Take the strain

It’s never easy making a decision to move house but by carefully planning and understanding the true costs using key professionals will help to get the transaction completed. If your chosen Solicitor doesn’t call on time, then would you really trust that Solicitor to get you completed fast?

You should find it easy to speak to your Solicitor if on day one you find it hard then alarm bells should be ringing.

On instruction a Solicitor will send out a Client care pack. That should be with you within 2 days. Only when the terms are signed and returned can the conveyance begin. Ask your Solicitor if parts of the care pack can be signed electronically. That way your conveyance can be started promptly. Initially the Solicitor will carry out ID checks on you.

Clearly the time taken to find a Solicitor and for you to return the signed terms of engagement could take more than 7 days.

The Homebuyer Solicitors can be instructed same day with the required engagement forms signed electronically. This fast approach will help you get to exchange of contracts where offers become binding.

Plan and save money by using key professionals to help you move. Start by formulating a moving cost budget. Instruct a Solicitor when you know how much you can afford and that you have a mortgage offer in place.

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