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Should You Consider Paper Mailing Bags for Your Small Business?

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If you’ve been ordering a lot of things from your favorite companies lately, you’ve probably noticed that a lot of major companies have started shipping their smaller products in paper mailing bags.

If that’s the case, you’re probably wondering what the benefits are and if you should adopt paper mailing bags for your small business.

Well, we think there are a lot of good reasons for you to make the switch, and it can potentially do a lot to help your small business to grow.

Let’s go over it.

Eco-Friendly Brand Image

Whether you’re selling eco-friendly products, or you’re selling children’s books, an eco-friendly brand image is a major benefit these days.

Since so many people have adopted green values, seeing that their favorite companies are doing the same instills them with confidence and a positive feeling regarding their choice to do business with such a company. This can help generate repeat business.

Aligning Brand Values

If you do specialize in wellness, eco-friendly, or similar products, natural paper mailing bags can help align your brand with the values it claims to have.

This is kind of like putting your money where your mouth is. It’s weird to buy something from a company that boasts many eco-friendly claims, and then send the product in tons of plastic that don’t match their values.

By using paper mailing bags, and preferably other packaging methods that match your brand’s values, you create a consistent image that your customers can get behind without question.

Being Ahead of the Curve

Paper bags used to be the norm. Plastic bags were invented and passed off as eco-friendly solutions because they didn’t contribute to deforestation, but we all know how that turned out. Now, plastic bags are some of the most serious pollutants in the world.

However, when they started picking up steam, companies that adopted them first saw some major benefits since they were “doing their part”.

Now, you have the opportunity to get ahead of the curve in the same way, but you’ll actually be making a difference in a positive way.

Low Costs

Paper mailing bags are slightly more expensive than plastic mailing bags. That seems like an issue for some small business owners, but you have to consider the benefits of making the switch.

Yes, you will pay slightly more per bag, but that equates to a few cents per bag. It’s not an expensive switch by any means, and it only adds up if you’re shipping products by the thousands as major brands do.

In exchange for a few cents more per bag, you can gain all of the benefits we’ve listed above, and you don’t have to do much besides that. That’s a lot of brand-building power for what is little more than a normal business expense at the end of the day.

In comparison, you don’t get any of those benefits with plastic bags, and depending on what your company offers, plastic might even hurt your brand; so, the few cents worth of savings isn’t even worth it.

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