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Review of Exante’s HTTP API

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About Exante

Exante is a multi-licensed investment company that provides instant market access to multiple financial instruments for traders. Established in 2011, Exante was founded by Alexey Kirienko, Gatis Eglitis, and Anatoly Knyazev Exante for individuals and corporates. Exante provides access to 50 financial markets in the US, Europe, Asia, and Australia through its trading platform. Clients can invest in stocks, bonds, options, futures, currencies, and more. A leading provider for the last decade, it is licensed by CySEC (Cyprus), FCA (UK), and SFC (Hong Kong).

Exante is keen on providing unique features that facilitate the trading process for its clients. One of these unique features is the HTTP API. If you are an investor looking to trade on Exante, then this review is for you!

What is HTTP API?

HTTP stands for Hypertext Transfer Protocol, while API stands for Application Programming Interface. It is a feature offered by Exante that ensures a fast and flexible way of accessing market data and executing trades on Exante. It enables traders to connect to the platform’s servers via an HTTP-based interface. In other words, traders will have the ability to use their programming language to help them in accessing the trading platform and executing trades. The protocol in HTTP API refers to the system used for communication between clients and web servers. The API refers to the set of rules that enable various software to interact with each other.

Advantages of HTTP API


The major benefit of Exante’s HTTP API is its speed. When you use the standardized interface, HTTP API connections can transmit data quickly and efficiently. This is essential in today’s fast-paced trading environment, where even a few seconds of delay can mean the difference between a profitable and a losing trade. Exante’s HTTP API has been designed to provide clients with fast and reliable access to market data, enabling them to make informed trading decisions quickly and efficiently.


Another major advantage of Exante’s HTTP API is its flexibility. HTTP API is tailored to meet the specific requirements of clients, especially individuals. It allows them to customize their trading strategies to their own individual requirements. Clients can customize several features, including their ability to create trading algorithms and access a broad range of market data. These customizations are particularly essential for corporate clients, who are required to execute a high volume of trades and manage complex portfolios.


Security is one of the most remarkable advantages at Exante. Clients don’t need to worry about their personal information and transactions on Exante’s trading platform. Exante’s HTTP API is also highly secure, providing clients with peace of mind when it comes to the security of their trading activities. HTTP API connections are encrypted and use protected channels to transfer data, guaranteeing that private information is protected at all times. Exante’s platform also has a broad range of security features, including two-factor authentication and advanced encryption protocols, to ensure that client data is kept safe and secure.

Final Comment

Overall, Exante’s HTTP API is a great feature of its trading platform. It offers clients a fast, flexible, and secure way to obtain market data and execute trades, while also providing a high level of customization. Whether you are an individual trader or a corporate client, Exante’s HTTP API can be helpful for those looking to trade in today’s fast-paced and highly competitive financial markets.

If you have more questions about HTTP API and how it works, you can reach out to Exante’s support team. From experience, the team are responsive and available around the clock to provide details and information about the trading platform and how to get the best out of it. You can contact them via phone, email, or even live chat.


Exante’s HTTP API is a key feature of its trading platform, providing clients with a fast, flexible, and secure way to access market data and execute trades. Its speed, flexibility, and security make it an essential tool for anyone looking to trade in today’s financial markets. If you are looking for a trading platform that offers a high degree of customization and flexibility, while also providing a fast and reliable trading experience, then Exante’s platform with HTTP API is definitely worth considering.

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