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Is outsourcing paralegals the future of legal work?

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The demands of modern legal departments, and firms, tend to fluctuate throughout the year based on several factors, particularly in a time when money is tight but new laws around Brexit, technology, and data are being introduced.

According to websites like NewzGrace, outsourcing has quickly become a cost-effective and efficient way of ensuring work is done to a high quality. It also ensures that both company and client needs are being met without having to pay multiple salaries each year when there may not be a consistent demand.

Paralegals are valuable assets to any legal team; they are less specialised than attorneys and can’t give legal advice, but they still take on important tasks that helps legal departments function efficiently.

Some of the tasks paralegals may be required undertake include:

• Various legal research

• Client and witness interviews

• General communication with clients

• Legal documentation, pleadings and correspondence drafting

Why outsource legal work?

With the virtualization of different industries, legal aid has become far more accessible to individuals and companies alike. In addition to that, law practitioners and other relevant experts employ the use of filing, drafting, and deposition transcript software among other tools to better prepare their cases.

Every company has different staffing needs at different times, and this is true with legal matters too. It can be hard to justify having a large legal team in-house, as the costs of employing full-time salaried staff can quickly mount.

Therefore, outsourcing is an ideal solution for many companies as you can get the help or guidance you need when you need it, on a more affordable basis. Flexible working has also increased in popularity, meaning many lawyers and paralegals are willing to work on a less permanent basis to fit around their personal life.

From a financial point of view for a company, you do not have to worry about spending high amounts of money on a salaried member of staff and having the other costs associated with that such as holiday, sick pay, maternity pay, etc. There is also less of a HR cost involved which can ease some pressures both financially and time wise.

Legal resourcing services allow a team to remain professional and cope with demand, whilst matching the ebb and flow of the business at any given time.

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