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How Video Chat improves Customer Service

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If you don’t have video chat as part of your business strategy, you are in for hot competition. In today’s world, video chat is the staple communication for most businesses, including customer service. 

The global lockdown exposed the enormous benefits of video chat to personal and business communication. The trend is already gaining visibility in customer service. 

Customers know and trust the medium. The reason lies in the fact that video chats equate to face-to-face communication.

Why Video Live Chat

  • Boosts brand trust
  • It helps in solving complex issues
  • It helps customers to get more information about your business, product, or service
  • Adds to customer satisfaction
  • It helps in providing support to customers with high-cost purchases
  • It reduces the number of touch points

Benefits of Video Chat

Cost and Time Efficiency

Most businesses already know that video-enabled customer engagements lead to new revenue-generating ideas. It also brings about improvements in business outcomes. 

It has a low-technical barrier feature and helps to save costs. What users need to look out for are only a few pitfalls. First, video chats in customer service deal more with timeliness. In comparison, text-based chats are three times slower. In contrast, video chat gives a natural flow of conversation without unnecessary pauses.

Another benefit of the channel is this: It allows you to share more information within a shorter time frame. It still boils down to a lower resolution time. And for complex issues, you get to beat the resolution time of more than two chats.

Improvement in Customer Satisfaction

Customers appreciate a very convenient channel to relate to a business. It allows them to give more explanations to a customer care agent. That’s more important to them.

Video live chat creates trust and encourages a high purchase value of the product or service. In addition, agents see things from the customer’s perspective. That way, they get to resolve customers’ issues faster.

Businesses that offer higher-end services need video chat to enable higher levels of engagement. With that, they personalize experiences and serve customers’ needs better.

How to Implement Video Live Chat for Customer Service

Video live chat is an accessible channel to consider using, depending on your business service. There are fantastic types of video integration that can be implemented directly into your website codes. And yes, you can achieve this by partnering with professionals specializing in Business Telecoms From Ocean Telecom or similar companies. They can help you set up the required hardware and software integrations seamlessly to ensure everything functions smoothly.

Also, certain tools’ integration allows users to deploy personalized and on-brand video interfaces. So, relax and take comfort in the fact that they harmonize with your website designs. The objective is to ensure the successful implementation of a video chat interface for your customer service delivery.

Is Video Chat Right for Your Business?

In the current business world, the use of video chat is not a topic for debate. Getting ahead in competition is the focal point, and a higher customer satisfaction rate guarantees that goal. There are about 57% of users of video chats. The figure only covers some workers or people who socialize with friends.

The business world has only scratched the surface of the potential video chat has to offer. As for customer service, it has a long way to go in the trend.

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