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How do live slots work?

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You may have seen different types of slot machines, but one type is unique from others: the live format.

This live format is a slot spin that takes place in real-time. Live slots create an atmosphere of being in a live event where you have a presenter and audience interaction.

Why Live Slots?

People find it hard to understand why people need live slots. Many slot players are excited that they get to spin their slots at their own convenience in their homes. Even though some slot players may find this approach an uninteresting event, others find it similar to playing a live game that gives an atmosphere where you can interact with your audience and a presenter.

It is worth noting that slots are the most popular form of gambling as far as the gaming industry is concerned, which gives an edge to live slots making a good commercial attribute. Mixing formats and getting slot players into live casinos can boost interest in other games like table games. Live slots can be found in both land-based and online casinos like oxi casino.

How do Live Slots Work?

Live slots gaming sessions are done using an HD video link that is transmitted from a television studio that has been turned into a casino. You can access the link from mobile devices and computers. These games are played on wheels instead of reels so players can join in before any wheel spin to set their betting stake. To satisfy most punters, there are enough staking choices, and there are long sessions to allow much time for punters to get the hang of the format in case they are new to it.

To get access to these games, you may need to sign up on a trusted gaming website. A platform similar to can be of help in this regard as it tends to offer a host of such websites, enabling individuals to choose one based on their preferences. Once you have signed up on a site of your choice, you will have to place your wager, then press spin; this serves as an indication to the dealer/ presenter that they can go ahead to proceed with the wheel spin. You will notice some slices on the wheel that has numbers. These numbers indicate how much money you stand to win when the indicator stops at a spot. You can go ahead to perform again when your round is over and repeat the process again.

Summary of Live Slots

Live slots games are played out on a video link and make use of presenters. You can have access to live slot sessions in the live casino lobby.

The use of wheels is used instead of reels in playing Live slots.

Choice of Game

Wheels offer a greater range of potential outcomes for a given spin, as opposed to reels, which only offer a limited number of combinations. Wheels also give the player more control over their bet size and the amount of risk they are willing to take.

Live slots are aiming to grow as they are a work in progress. Evolution Gaming and Play tech are the game developers at the frontier of this idea.


Live slots do not need an ambiguous set-up to enjoy slots. They do bring an entertaining and interesting idea to the gaming world with the human attributes of having a presenter and an audience. Even though they aren’t perfect, they do provide an opening that their followers need compared to standard slots. Live slots offer higher prizes, but you must pay for this privilege in the form of higher bets.

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