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A Quick Guide to Compensation Claims for Injured Workers

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If you are injured in an accident at work in Ontario, you need to file a claim with the Ontario Workers Safety and Insurance Board, or WSIB. The WSIB is one of the largest insurance organizations in North America and covers more than five million workers in Ontario.

The WSIB provides benefits for injured workers if there was an accident at work. They also cover work-related mental health injuries, occupational diseases and benefits for noise-induced hearing loss. They work to provide wage-loss benefits, medical coverage, training, and support to help get you back to work as soon as possible.

You can file a claim with the WSIB if you were injured at work and:

  • have received medical care;
  • lost wages or pay as a result of missing work after the injury
  • were required to work fewer hours as a result of your injury; or
  • had to do different work for more than seven days as a result of your injury.

Your Responsibilities

It is important to file a claim as soon as possible after your injury or as soon as you are aware of your diagnosis. Visit a website that offers not only safety machinery but also have safe programs that are in place to protect workers and employers. It is essential to properly file for a claim to avoid rejection and get the financial and medical care you need.

Here are the crucial steps for filing a claim:

  1. Report your Injury or Illness to the WSIB – after any injury, seek medical attention if needed. If you require further treatment, go to a hospital or other health care provider. As soon as you are able, complete a Form 6 and send it to the WSIB. You must file a claim within six months of your injury or being diagnosed with your illness. Click here to learn more on how to report your injury and hire a lawyer if needed.
  1. Keep a record of your diagnosis and any injuries or treatment you receive (including the cost). For example, if you’re suffering from chronic pain due to your injuries, note down any physiotherapy you go through. Alot of the time, those with chronic pain will utilize cannabis to ease the pain, using edibles as their product of choice. So, you’ll also need to note down how much you’re spending on this too.
  1. Inform your employer about your injury or illness – You must tell your employer or supervisor about your injury as soon as possible. They will also receive non-medical information about your claim from us. Your employer will need to file a claim with us and report your injury.
  1. If asked, have a functional abilities form completed by your healthcare provider for your employer. This form helps your employer understand your overall functional capabilities and any accommodations needed for you to return to work. An internet marketing lawyer can also help you provide the necessary documents to file your claims.
  1. Provide information about your injury or illness to the WSIB to help complete your claim.
  1. Report Changes in your Condition or Circumstances to the WSIB. You must report when you begin work, receive government benefits or additional income, or any changes to your medical condition. If you do not report these changes, it could affect your benefit claim.

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After your claim is filed, the WSIB will analyze your claim. You could receive benefits for any lost wages for work you missed when you were injured, future wages or other losses resulting from your injury. The benefits can also cover medical equipment, treatment and support and even survivor benefits in a fatal or catastrophic accident or illness.

If you want to dispute a claim, you can appeal the decision through the Appeals Services Division of the WSIB.

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