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4 Reasons to Use Custom Printed Labels for Your Packaging

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Plenty of businesses understand the importance of using branded boxes instead of generic brown ones, but far fewer appreciate the benefits that come with custom printed labels. They can be stuck anywhere on your packaging, and such small items can come with some pretty sizeable advantages. 

Here are just four reasons to add custom printed labels to your packaging. 

1. Shows You’ll Go the Extra Mile

Customers appreciate it when businesses go a little bit further than is strictly necessary to deliver a luxurious product, and custom printed labels are a great way to make that impression. Simply popping one on each box can help customers form a more positive impression of your business. 

2. Low Cost Way to Add Value

There are plenty of ways to brand your business and gain exposure, but many of them demand a reasonably large outlay. That isn’t the case with custom printed labels – they can add value to your packaging without costing the Earth. 

3. Offers Endless Versatility

Custom printed labels offer the chance for you to get creative thanks to a wide range of options. You can choose between foil printing or digital printing, select between hundreds of standard sizes, and pick between materials like matt paper, gloss paper, semi-gloss paper, clear vinyl, and coloured vinyl. You can even go with custom sticky notes if you really want to impress your clients. If you’re already going to invest in labels, they might as well stand out and grab everyone’s attention.

4. Offers Unbounded Placement 

Since custom printed labels come with a strong adhesive back, they can be placed anywhere on your packaging, and that’s a more compelling benefit than in might seem at first. Properly placed, you can reach your consumers more effectively. You can use a sticker to hold down the top of a box to make sure it’s something that can’t be missed, or you can use it across the outside of the packaging to create a strong lasting impression the first time people see they have a parcel from you.

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