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3 of the best items to use when sending goods online

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When it comes to sending goods online there are several different routes that you can take. Not only are there a lot of different platforms that you can sell on and niches that you can target, but there are also lots of different ways to pack your items. Paper mailing bags can work well for smaller items however for larger products you may be better off looking into higher capacity parcels. To get your products ready for shipping more efficiently, there are ways you can improve your warehouse’s operations to speed up the transportation of goods from point A to point B within the premises. For example, industrial equipment like folding ladders, pallet trucks, hand winch lift trucks, and platforms (learn more about these here – are ideal for this kind of thing and can make the warehouse workers’ job easier and quicker. If you would like to source good quality pallets, look no further than Verde Trader. In today’s blog, we take a look at 4 items that can be used when sending off your online products and when you should use them.

Paper mailing bags: good for smaller flatter items

If you are sending out a smaller item paper mailing bags often make good packaging options as they are secure, small and can fit into a variety of different parcel size allocations.

Whilst it is true that paper mailing bags are good for a variety of different products, we recommend using them for slightly flatter ones. Additional padding can be added to secure bulkier items, but paper mailing bags really come into their own when it comes to flattering products like posters, papers and books.

In addition to their versatility, there are also a lot of different types of mailing bags available both in paper and other environmentally sustainable materials. Paper mailing bags can be bought at both premium and affordable prices, and some even come made of paper pulp to add to the overall proficiency for the environment.

Large Parcels: good for bulkier items

If you are shipping bulkier items paper mailing bags may not be the best fit. If this is the case we recommend going for larger parcels. These can offer good space and security for belongings whilst also being relatively affordable. Just make sure you consult the Royal Mail parcel size guide to ensure you get the right-sized parcel for you.

Mailing tape: good for wrapping to send items

Whilst you will need another form of packaging to attach it to, mailing tape is a great way to secure flimsy parcels and make sure they get to your customers safely. It is an affordable way to add some extra security and potentially style to your shipments.

Buy good quality items to ensure your shipment is safe

When you are selling goods online the lack of face to face contact means you have to maintain your virtual rapport and trust with customers. If you send them products that are damaged due to poor packaging, they will probably not be returning. To try and stop this from happening make sure you buy strong parcels and paper mailing bags for your stock and add some paper mailing tape if you think the parcel is not secured enough.

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