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The Link between Consumer Behavior and Marketing

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Consumer behavior has changed the way markets work in recent times. Earlier when there were was less data about consumers and old technology, marketing strategies were restricted and completely based on instinct and theoretical data. Lately, with ever-evolving technology, data can be obtained from anywhere in various ways. Data has become essential and almost every business decision is made from data and consumer behavior. For this reason, businesses might be more inclined to use a financial services marketing agency to see if they can possibly improve their business profits. However, when a company collects consumer data, it is important that certain privacy regulations are followed to ensure ethical use of the data. In the UK and EU, these regulations are called the GDPR, and companies are often required to carry out with regular audits (read more details here) to stay compliant with these rules.

Dive deep into this article to understand how consumer behavior affects marketing strategies.


One of the biggest applications of consumer behavior is sales forecasting. When you have previous data of your consumer’s purchase and how they respond to your product, you can easily predict how much product you will sell. Small things like the number of interactions with your website or product, cart abandonment, and clicks per ad are essential to understand conversion rate.

There are people who expertise in analysis and forecasting whom you can contact via emails to help you out. Make use of websites like to search emails of professionals in no time.

Website Designing

When you perform simple A/B testing, your consumer’s reaction to it helps you understand their preferences and expectations. Iterations of such testing, surveys, and feedback all compound to provide a blueprint of the perfect website for your customer. Your website should be appealing to your customers and according to their taste. This is why it is so important to gain all the knowledge you can find about your customer and work accordingly.


The most obvious use of consumer behavior in marketing is advertising. If you have paid close attention to successful ads then you would realize that all these ads have been fine-tuned for a specific audience. Not every ad addresses the same set of people because the theme of every ad is based on the target audience’s behavior.

Apple ads are modern and classy because their consumers consider using the brand as a status symbol and Apple needs to not only maintain that image but also pander to their expectations and demands. Similarly, Imperial Blue ads showcase upper-middle-class men with families because their audience is attached to a particular emotion that only that scenario can perfectly represent.

Market Sensing

Another valuable way that consumer behavior and marketing are linked is through market research and sense. Whenever we talk about marketing, one of the top points we address is the importance of market research and tools used. It is imperative to know the kind of market and choose the right software like Reverse ETL tools (Grouparoo ,for example) when you are entering to take big business decisions.

Consumer behavior does a great job at determining what type of competitors you are up against and how to set goals and strategies for the market your company is entering. This further helps companies in making the big managerial decisions and perform better to succeed and hit the target numbers.

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Consumer behavior has always been a major player in the field of business and marketing. The economy revolves around consumerism and decisions from as small as the color of a product to as big as a company’s worth are made based on consumer behavior. It is high time you leverage it for your business and get on top of your game.

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