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How Can IT Support Actually Benefit Your Business Profits?

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Any business will need support at some point in their professional life. Whether it be for tools like data analytics, ssas alternatives, other support software or even just general outsourcing of IT support. IT support is an essential component of any business. It may seem like a necessary expense, something you simply have to have for day-to-day functions. But IT support can actually benefit profitability and save you money. As an IT support company in London, we understand first-hand the positive impacts professional IT services can have on your business. Here are 4 ways IT support can boost profits.

Convert to Cloud-Based Storage

Moving your data to the cloud grants you flexibility and saves you money. Many cloud-based storage services are pay-as-you-go, so you can adapt your storage plan to your business growth. Paying only for what your business needs also reduces costs.

You’ll also save money by getting rid of the hardware and equipment needed for on-premise servers. Cloud-based storage also drastically reduces paper use. This is not only environmentally friendly but also frees up significant storage space in your office. You can use the extra room for something else productive, as a team meeting space.

Freeing up office space isn’t the only way cloud-based storage can boost productivity, either. You can access your files whenever and wherever you want, without having to be present in the office to get work done. Most companies use a combination of cloud-based and in-office storage, usually citing security. In fact, your data could be even more secure in the cloud than on servers.

Rethink Business Communications

Another way to incorporate IT support into your company’s profitability is with unified communications. Unified communications systems include video and chat messaging, web conferencing, email, and telephone services (VoIP, voice over IP). Many businesses pay too much for a conventional phone line system today when there are these other communication methods available.

VoIP is adaptable to your business and reduces costs. You can select a unified communications system that suits your needs, with either single channels or a fully integrated package. To cut down on expenses, you can host your VoIP on the cloud, eliminating infrastructure costs. Many VoIP services also allow you to make international calls at a fraction of the price of landlines.

With today’s technology, companies have never had the opportunity for better communications systems. Learning to lean on IT support for this sector of business can optimise communication while reducing costs.

Invest in Stable Backup and Recovery

Your business won’t be profitable if you have unreliable backup and recovery systems. Your business can’t grow and prosper if your data is exposed to security risks. Investing in backup and recovery systems is the responsible way to manage your data as your business expands.

A detailed data recovery plan is another important investment in your company’s IT. It’s generally recommended to have backups of all your data in 3 different places, in addition to the cloud. This ensures that you can reach your files should disaster strike. In today’s business world, data breaches are an all too common occurrence. The loss of your data could be a significant blow to your business, costing you in the thousands to recover and re-secure.

Solid IT support, whether with a company or in-house, will provide you with a sophisticated backup system that includes summary reports. You should request backup confirmations frequently if your IT support doesn’t already offer them.

Outsource Your IT Support

Another way to maximise profitability is through outsourcing. Outsourcing your IT support gives you several benefits. Primarily, you have experts handling your IT infrastructure. Specialists lower the risks of costly problems by being proactive. For instance, if your enterprise has Apple devices, your IT department may not be well-staffed to support them. You’ll require Apple IT experts who can any mitigate issues before they metastasise.

An outsourced IT company devoted to checking your system and allaying problems saves you money in the long-term as well. With dedicated IT support services, you’ll end up spending less on infrastructure and have less downtime. The money you save can be spent elsewhere.

IT consultancy can also boost your productivity. When you outsource your IT services, it frees your time to focus on other important aspects of running your business. The same goes for your employees – with comprehensive IT services they can complete their tasks sooner.

Final Thoughts At Amazing Support, we’ve seen many times the link between IT support and profits. As a North London IT support company, we’ve helped businesses improve their bottom line with our bespoke IT support services.

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