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Casinos in which one has to play at least once in a lifetime

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The online casino scene has left indelible marks on the future of gambling. That’s not to say there aren’t still some casinos like in which one has to play at least once in a lifetime. Land casinos may be closed one day but while they’re still here which should you visit?

Sands casino in China

This land casino is set within a magnificent total of 229,000 square feet of space, offering a huge amount of casino games. In fact, the sheer number of games and slot machine options on the games floor totals to 750. The closest options to match this number are usually found online on sites like link fun88, not in a physical location. The aesthetic of this casino is hard to miss, with bright lights and spectacular shapes to the building.

Housed within Sands casino, players can find a whopping 1000 options of table and card games in addition to 51 hotel rooms. But that’s not all, as if one bar isn’t enough to fill, this land based casino has seven of them. As it happens, the likes of this and other casinos have some serious competition on their hands. Almost out of nowhere, Japan may become the top casino destination and leave Las Vegas in the dust. It’s certainly worth traveling there if you’re something of a globetrotting casino aficionado.

MGM Grand casino in the USA

An incredible sight based in Vegas, the MGM Grand casino is located in the ideal spot – the home of gambling – for players to enjoy a fantastic casino games experience. The truly amazing and well-known MGM Grand has a gaming floor spanning 170,000 square feet filled with epic casino games. Those that want to have even more casino games at their fingertips may want to check out the options online. There are some Finnish sites that you don’t even have to register on; take a look here – kasino ilman rekisteröitymistä. There’s plenty to enjoy, whether you’re playing for fun or money.

Of which, players can find a total amassing 2,300 games machines on the games floor, including some fantastic fruit slot machine options. In addition to this, MGM Grand casino also houses 178 table and card games, a massive 20 bars, and 5044 hotel rooms for all their guests to enjoy.

Tusk Rio casino resort in South Africa

Another land casino with an incredible aesthetic – the Tusk Rio casino resort based in South Africa really is a sight to behold. Situated in the area of Klerksdorp, this magnificent games resort has a games floor which covers a whopping 266,330 square feet in total, and not one, but two bars.

The casino itself also has a huge 257 games machines on its floor, including the iconic fruit slot machine and even jackpot games. Within the casino, players can also find other classic casino games including 12 table and card games. Casino games aside, this is one worth a visit for the visual appeal alone.

MGM Grand Macao in China

Located in a hotspot in Macao, the MGM Grand Macao casino offers gamblers a games floor which spans a total of 221,952 square footage. This land based casino packs a punch with its range of casino games, which covers the floor with 835 games machines which includes traditional slot machine models.

This casino houses 410 table and card games, and guests can enjoy drinks of their choosing from 12 bars. Along with fantastic casino games and wonderful services the MGM Grand Macao has 593 hotel rooms. These casinos have made the list for their unique brilliance in the gambling industry. So what are you waiting for? Book a flight today!

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