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Are Eco Mail Bags Worth it?

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Eco mailing bags are picking up steam around the world. As consumers demand more action from companies to reduce pollution, these paper mailing bags have become one of the solutions. However, you might have some reservations about them.

After all, they’re made of paper. The mail system is known for being rough on packages. Worse yet, you might wonder if products getting lost in the mail from ripped packaging, or customers complaining about their bags dissolving in the rain after the mailman drops them off will make the bags more trouble than they’re worth.

Well, we’re going to address those concerns, now. You might be surprised.

Are Eco Mailing Bags Strong Enough to Withstand Mail Abuse

Paper isn’t exactly known for being the most durable material. So, can paper mailing bags withstand mail sorting machines, overzealous mail deliverers, or being chucked around a mail truck for days on end? Well, as it turns out, they can.

See, paper is usually weak, because it’s not made with heavy-duty applications in mind. That doesn’t mean it has to be “paper-thin” or susceptible to tearing.

When crafting paper mailing bags, manufacturers build the bags to spec to ensure that they can withstand all the problems you’re worried about.

Don’t worry. If your mailman is in a rush and chucking packages, your products aren’t going to end up all over a truck or someone’s front lawn.

Water Resistance

Paper can be made thicker, but that doesn’t make it water-resistant, does it? If the mailman leaves one of your products on a porch in the rain, that bag is going to dissolve and ruin the product, right? No.

Paper mailing bags can break down if you leave them out in a downpour for days on end, but most eco-friendly mailing bags are made with this weakness of paper in mind. They can be coated or otherwise treated to ensure they resist any reasonable water exposure.

This is a reasonable concern, but it’s one that has been handled by the manufacturing industry already.

Customization and Branding

You need to get your brand’s name in front of your customers at every chance possible; that includes on your mailing bags.

With plastic, you typically only get to do this via the shipping label since the bags are mass-produced and shipped out as they’re purchased.

With paper bags, you actually get a lot more customizability. Paper is easy to print on, and your paper bag vendor can print custom imagery on your mailing bags at check out with minimal additional charges.

This lets you get your brand name right in front of the customer from the second your package hits their porch.

Are They Really Sustainable?

Over the last couple of decades, you’ve probably heard a lot about conserving trees and deforestation around the globe. Those are still issues we’re trying to correct. So, how are paper bags going to be any better than plastic?

Well, they’re not made of trees.

Eco-friendly companies have stopped using tree-based paper in favor of seaweed. These bags are made from seaweed species that are invasive and damaging to coastal ecosystems. So, they not only help trees, but they also actively save the oceans.

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