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6 reasons why cloud-based mobile app development is catching fire in the market

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Businesses need to take care of different platforms in the market in order to take advantage of the changing landscape. Gone are those days when businesses were confined to TVs and billboards only. There are many new platforms where businesses of the modern era have to target their customers and one such platform is mobile.

You should know that currently, more than 2 billion people from all around the world use mobile phones for accessing the internet and by 2020, more than 72% of the people using the internet will be accessing it through their mobile phones. This is why most of the businesses are using mobile apps in order to target their customers in a better and more precise way. But in order to take advantage of the mobile apps, you will have to build a good mobile app that is not only responsive but feature-rich and seamless as well.

If you are thinking that you will be able to take advantage of the mobile app by developing it through traditional methods then you are completely wrong. Instead of using the traditional method, you should use the cloud-based mobile app development. Cloud is being used in various different fields like cloud hosting solutions, QuickBooks hosting, cloud storage Google Drive and much more. Cloud mobile app development is also one such application of cloud that is proving to be very fruitful for both the developer and the company that is going to own it. Keep on reading to be illuminated regarding the benefits of cloud-based mobile app development.

Seamless database integration

One of the main reasons why developers are switching to cloud-based mobile app development is its seamless database integration. You should know that smooth database integration is one of the most basic features that is needed by all businesses in order to run different processes without any hitches. You should know that native mobile app development causes more problems in terms of database integration and sometimes it also becomes very confusing for most of the people. But importing the database is also very necessary if you want to stay connected with your app.

Since data can be easily synced with the cloud server, database integration on cloud-based mobile app development becomes a pie. So, if a developer will be using cloud-based mobile app development then he will not have to worry about writing confusing and complicated codes for database integration. If you are still searching for a mobile app developer, you may want to use a website like to help you see the options that are out there in case they are needed.

An app for both platforms

Unlike the native mobile app which needs to be built specifically for the platform that you have chosen, the cloud-based apps can be deployed on both the famous mobile platforms; Android and iOS without any hassle. This allows you to target a much wider base of the audience without the need of writing apps for specific platforms. So, if you will use the cloud-based mobile app development then you will have to not agonize over Android or iOS.

There is no denial in the fact that Android is surely leading the market with 71.6% of the market share but just because it is the market leader doesn’t mean that it becomes the ideal and only choice for mobile development strategy. There are many reasons why you need to target even iOS if you are going to build a mobile app for your business. When you will go for the mobile app development, then the operating system being used by your target audience will matter a lot. If you will build a mobile app for Android only and if your target market is on iOS then it will result in a disaster for you. This is why you should always go for cloud-based mobile app development and take advantage of both the platforms.

App development in less time

One of the biggest concerns for most of the businesses going for mobile app development is the time consumed. You can’t deny the fact that the development of native apps is surely a very lengthy process and if you will need specific features then the time required to build the app will also further increase. If you are going to get a mobile app developed then it is very necessary to know that faster app development means more time to market.

The cloud-based app development has all the essential elements that you need for mobile app development like backend connection, security, and integration. In addition to this, pre-packaged setup and API comes built-in. This allows developers to build app quickly as they don’t need to focus on building a platform for mobile app development. This is another major reason why you should choose cloud-based mobile app development instead of the native mobile app development.

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